The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello I am Markus from sweden. I found this through Daniel Hardcastle (Nerd Cubed) and thought I would give it a go as i've been looking for game creators.

  • Hello everyone!

    I am new to this program. I got introduce to here from the tumblr site: I'm from RPG Maker and I wanted to learn how to make some simple games and upload it on my site (to show off to my friends LOL)

  • Hello I'm a 19 year old (at the moment of writing this) student engineering. who would like to make a game. I am starting with this and later want to learn other program languages

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  • Hi. I´m Juan Carlos from Ecuador. I´ve been looking for a "game maker" and felt disappointed with other engines so, it´s time to give this one a try. =)

    hello to everyone

  • hi

  • Well hey My name is Matieke6000

    i origanly wanted to make games a looong time ago but i wasn't realy good at coding and that kinda stuff

    if you know the game littlebigplanet (1,2,3)

    well that's where i first maked some realy cool creation's

    I was send here by Nerd3 because he uploaded a video of him , that he made a game

    witch is awesome!

    he recommended it to me so that's why i'm here.

  • Hi all,

    Looking forward to amazing fun with this engine!

  • Hello everyone!

    I have always wanted to make games. In fact, I tried a lot of different game engines like Game Maker, Unity and GameSalad, but they all had problems: GameMaker is waaay too pricy, Unity is too complex and GameSalad's Windows version isn't on par with the Mac version. I hope that Construct 2 will be better! I'm currently going through the tutorials and when I'm finished, I plan to make a space shooter. I already have some graphics and music since I originally started that project a few months ago in GameSalad, so it shouldn't be too hard...all I need to do is to port the gameplay elements.

  • Hey guys!

    My name is Morais, I´m from Portugal, and in my spare time I create funny and entertaining games. Unfortunately I´m not to good with the grafic part, that´s why I dicided to install construct 2!

    Thanks from your time and see you soon!!

  • Hi everyones , my name is Sebastien, i'm a french canadian and can also speak english.

    I just got C2 4 days ago and i can already tell im loving it and hope to make myself a place in the community.

    Hopefully i will have something soon to show what i can pull off with C2

    Thx and good luck to you all with your projects!

  • Hi all,

    I am from Canada.

    I finally decided to join the forums. I am an engineer by trade but I love graphic design but dislike programming. My likes and dislikes brought me to C2 for the development of games. I am exploring C2 and seeing where it can lead me and how it can help me achieve my goals. I want to get started with it soon. I believe my greatest challenge is to market a finished product. I am open to all ideas and welcome advice. I am not looking to dethrone Rovio games or such; just have a good base of players and recognition. I want to compete in the mid-level market. Feel free to PM me.

  • Turns out I never posted here... Weird. Well, let's get that achievement. I'm Latvian, a designer by trade, always had a passion for games and creating things. So now I'm mostly creating things to create things for games. Perhaps 2015 is the year something finally gets published. See you on the boards.

  • hi . guys im new here

  • I'm Joshua. Nice to meet everyone

  • Hi Joshua. I'm Marc. Nice to meet you too. Just signed up

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