The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, I'm a studant and I wanna learn how create games... so that's it.

  • Howdy everyone! My name is Niks Ļeoņenko and I'm a 15yo tech enthusiast/TV addict/self-proclaimed comedian from Latvia!

    I run a webstore/website called "The Juris Store". Check it and you'll be one step closer to understanding me.


  • Hi, my name is Daniel from mesquite Nevada, I am just learning and wanting to have fun making games

  • Hi all! My name if Filipe Meunier and I'm from Portugal, was new to this (two weeks ago) but I now can understand how the coding in other software is because of the inteligent way event sheets are in c2!

  • Hi

  • Hi everybody, my name is Renzo and I'm super excited to start using C2.

    I've been using RPG Maker VXAce for a long, long time, so this is kinda similar, but it looks like it's superior.

    I've been reading FAQs and tutorials, and I have nothing but admiration for this community.

    See you around!

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  • I am a person who is interested in developing a game. Construct 2 would be the best tool to develop a game. I am excited to learn this tool.

  • Hello to everyone, i'm pontolix, i come from italy and i'm using construct 2 to make some mobile games...stay tuned

  • HI all can anyone help me ??

    I m confused between gamesalad and construct 2 can any professional user tell me which is best for 2d games in android and ios because i want to build professional games for android and ios only, so can any one answer me with expert review ????

    Thnaks in addvance

  • Hello everyone, I ma Dhruv Mishra , just got started with Construct 2 free version

  • Meu nome é dante

  • hi yes my name is Lyric/Allen and i will be working with my friend Mira to make a swagalicious dating sim for no reason

  • A passionate, quick learner and a geek of programming desktop, phone and web apps. I'm working since 2001. I have developed Windows phone and store applications , database projects and software design and requirement analysis work in UML. Love to make games.

  • Hi i am from Albania and i heard about scirra in a website. I want to know can i make money with this program after i create my games?

  • Hi I'm from Australia and heard about this through other indies starting to make games for the first time. Hope it's as good as they say!

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