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  • HI all can anyone help me ??

    I m confused between gamesalad and construct 2 can any professional user tell me which is best for 2d games in android and ios because i want to build professional games for android and ios only, so can any one answer me with expert review ????

    Thnaks in addvance

  • Hello everyone, I ma Dhruv Mishra , just got started with Construct 2 free version

  • Meu nome é dante

  • hi yes my name is Lyric/Allen and i will be working with my friend Mira to make a swagalicious dating sim for no reason

  • A passionate, quick learner and a geek of programming desktop, phone and web apps. I'm working since 2001. I have developed Windows phone and store applications , database projects and software design and requirement analysis work in UML. Love to make games.

  • Hi i am from Albania and i heard about scirra in a website. I want to know can i make money with this program after i create my games?

  • Hi I'm from Australia and heard about this through other indies starting to make games for the first time. Hope it's as good as they say!

  • Hello,

    I recently bought Construct 2 on Steam.

  • Hi! I'm from Argentina, i heard about Construct 2 from Dan "Nerd3" (he made the game "Systems Nominal" using Construct 2) and i am genuinely excited about trying C2, i've heard really good things about it.

  • Hi!

    I'm a teen from London in the UK,I am into technology but have never made a game before but when i saw that "Nerd3" made a game i was interested to see how he did it.

  • hello my name is Asmir

    but don't mind me i'm just checking out the software

    not buying though

  • hey I'm kyle from south bend my brother turned me on to construct 2and I'm really interested in making games i have never done it before but I'm incredibly interested

  • Hi, my name's Euan.

    I discovered Construct 2 via because of his game Systems Nominal.

    I decided to give Construct 2 a go because I'm intrigued as to how games are being built inside the engine. I'm interested in game development and I figured that Construct 2 would be as good a place as any to start.

  • Hello! My name us PipePanic, and I am a guy who likes games. Yep. That's it.

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  • hi I'm Anthony. I've always thought of making games, and because of that I went on a search to find a site that can help me make a game without coding. I subscribed to a youtuber called Nerd Cubed or Nerd3, and I loved what he did. Later on he made a video of a game he made. It was made with a website that didn't use coding to make a game, so I was curious. Sadly he did not say what website it was. A while later he made another game and showed the credits, which had the website name and what the creator was called, Construct 2. And now I'm here doing what I'm doing.

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