The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey everyone! Thought I'd take a stab at programming like everyone else. Hopefully Construct 2 can help me figure out the sorted mess of game ideas in my head.

    Fingers crossed! Look forward to taking this trip with you all!

  • Hello World. Just started with HTML5 game project using Construct 2.

  • Hi there,

    Started using C2 for almost 4 months. Because of college I haven't had the time to fully check out all of the features and potential of this program. I also haven't been active on the forums or anything.. I'm deciding to step it up a notch, let's see what I can do. I'm also interested in casual game dev's who want to chat and work on some stuff, I'm pretty much down for anything!

  • I am a new member in this community. I am a tourist and like to see the beautiful creation of God. I think travel to different country or city it the best way to enjoy vacation and holidays. As travelling is a great source of entertainment as well as it is also source to improve your knowledge about other countries, their cultures, traditions, lifestyles and their people. It is a nice way to enjoy your free time. Do you like travelling?

  • Look at me, learning to make games. Good job me!

  • hi,

    Im new here and i like how easy and frustating construct 2 is.

    Hopefully i will learn everything from this forum and his useres

  • hey

  • hey peoples

  • yyy

  • Look at me, learning to make games. Good job me!

  • hola,soy de Mexico esto es genial

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  • Morning everyone. Excited to be part of the community. Look to learn a lot from here, and hopefully give something back.

  • I'm from a Solihull area in the UK and I'm willing to create a video game and hopefully make a bit of money off of it to help support university and possibly a whole new life... LOL I have heard of all the rich millionaire people who made a simple game which is an internet sensation. To badd its not me huh!

  • Hello Everybody,

    I am Rajorshi Mukherjee.

    If it's too difficult to pronounce my name then just call me Rejo. All my friends do so.

    I am a total noob here and this is my first attempt at doing something new.

    I would like to thank a friend of mine who made a blog post and it is because of him that I am here. I am really excited about the future prospects of participating here and am looking forward to making a whole lot of new friends here.

    Wishing Everybody a Happy Game Dev session, lets make the next best sensation in gaming ever!


  • Hello everyone,

    I am Majd, and I live in Virginia, USA. I plan on using Construct 2 to design some cool games. Thank you all in advance for all the support.

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