The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello! I am new and learning Construct 2 and am just getting into the Scirra community and will be using it really frequently!

  • Hello everyone just introducing myself.

  • Greetings everyone! ^_^

  • Obrigado Por Me Dar Essa Ajuda !!!

  • Hi yall! I'm new here and I'm excited to begin messing around with this program and create my own projects! I hope I'm not alone in this, I might need some help after all! Hehe.

  • Hello, I'm new to this community and I really want to make really spectacular games and make new friends along the way!

  • I'm RamenNoodle, Ninja wannabe.

    The games from this website were the motivation for me to join this site. lol

  • Hello everyone!

    I just found out about Scirra/Constructor 2 and wanted to try it out.

  • Hey Everyone

    I'm a full time Graphic Designer, (I make the stuff you get in the mail and toss out without looking at it. - well not quite that bad LOLZ.)

    I've had a game idea for over a year now, and have been looking for a way to materialize this idea.

    Well after much frustration and wondering how many years it will take me to learn Java, I somehow stumbled onto Construct 2.

    I then went and compared it to quite a few other programs, Once I realized that software like this exist! (Yes I know that sounds stupid).

    Some were downright intimidating.

    Others were crazy priced.

    This one though not the cheapest came out tops...

    Mostly because of the very active forum community, You Tube Video's and crazy amount of tutorials.

    The interface is simple and easy to use specially for a coding Noob like me.

    Thank you!.

    Looking forward to many happy and I suppose some very frustrated hours of making my first game.

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  • Hello, I'm exactlywr0ng. As you can probably see. Hah, ha, ha. I should stop. Well, Im pretty new to construct 2 so i might need your help for many things.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Eduardo and i've been playing around with C2 for an year or two.

    Hope i can trade some info with you since i've got so many questions about everything!

  • Hi there. I'm Jereme (the last 'e' is silent). I'm a web and mobile developer and nice to meet you all. Building games in construct 2 is easy and fun

  • Hello everyone, i'm French and new in construct 2. You can watch my game project on

    I enjoying for join this great community and thank's EpicPixel for show me this forum.

  • Hello everyone! I heard about Construct 2 from my lecturer. I'm currently studying an Hons BSc in Game design and development in Ireland. Really interested in game design, interaction design and game psychology. Hoping that I can use construct 2 game prototyping and maybe for some game jams .

  • Hello Guys,

    i am aman and i live in united arab emirates and i am b-tech graduated and i wanted to make a game for android users so i finded this software on google so i am gonna try this

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