The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Greetings and well met everyone. This is my first post he; hope to be many more.



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  • Hi I would like to get into the video gaming creation business. So I have decided to try this and see what I can do! PS. Do not expect anything amazing

  • Hi, I'm Nicky, just bought the personal licence, this is my new fav hobby!

  • I'm Kinda a new here. I love to use C2... But it is little hard for me...

  • My username is nimrod100

    I am a computer programmer that knows 24 scripting languages

    I found construct when I was searching for a way to make HTML5 games

  • hi, i will like ask a favor to the persons who know construct 2 very well tu help me out

    i from colombia [quote:1qmh2953]

  • Olá, sou do Brasil, estou aqui para ajudar essa comunidade. Abraços.

  • Sup! I'm Gatlin Been looking for a platform to create a game I've been writing for ages. I'm glad HTML5 have proven to be a powerful one.

    Gonna post some screens once I feel they're ready (even if early stages).

    Glad to be rockin' Construct 2!

  • Hi

    I am Masgame, and i am only 10 years old. I create games of many different Genres

    i only know how to do simple graphics but the music and game play are good

    list of game genres i make:

    . Quick / Flash games

    . Platformer games

    . Shooter games

    . programs (umm... thats not really a game type, but OHHK!)

    . Horror/Thrill


    And other Game Genres[/color]

  • Hey,

    I'm new to C2, just testing how this program works

    Years ago I used to create games with RPG Maker, now I want to give a try to something new, so here I am


  • Hi there,

    my name is Ruud Janssen and I'm from the Netherlands.

    I started programming for Android (using Java and Eclipse) in february this year.

    I'm not really a bèta person, so programming in Java isn't / wasn't the simplest thing.

    Some two months ago I found some tutorials on C2 on 'The new Boston's' Youtube channel (awesome channel by the way) and now I'm 'in love' with C2.

    I've also started producing some game-music (please check the store and look for 'Rude 66'.


  • Hi Friend,

    my name is Faqih Arifian and I'm from the Indonesia.

    this is my first game creator I've ever use. It's very easy and simple to use.

    Though I haven't made google play account, but now I'm doing my second game.

    Nice to meet you guy

  • Hi. My name is Khaled Hassan. I am from Egypt. I am a Web & Graphic designer and I am starting fresh in the game development. I wanted to use my skills in HTML5, CSS & Javascript knowledge to start creating games. I tried android development before but I didn't like the idea of being closed to one platform. I didn't like that if I want to create an app or a game, I have to learn a specific language for every OS. I made some research on javascript game development libraries and I came a cross construct 2. I am starting with it and hope that it would be easy to learn and understand.

  • Hello, guys'n'girls!

    I'm Allar from Estonia.

    I have been playing computer games for a long time - feels like forever. And lately have started to think why not create one myself. But have not found the right tools for it as I don't have great programming skills.

    But few weeks ago I was browsing youtube and happened onto a Construct 2 tutorial. Its user interface felt really intuitive. And creating basic prototypes of games seemed easy. So I tried it myself.

    Since then I have completed some tutorials and have gotten lots of inspiration. Now I'm starting to make a draft for a game I'd like to develop.

    Ofcourse I know that at the moment I have just scratched the surface of C2. So as I start the developing process I am counting on all of You on helping me out and answering lots of noobish questions.

    I'll be looking forward to meeting You in other threads!

  • Hi All. I'm a Rasta Hippy Computer Engineer from the USA (Chicago, Illinois).

    Recognizing that HTML5 is an enabler and knowing that rapid development of rich content can aid in visibility of my expressions in this cluttered online universe is why I am making this statement here.

    Lets see how much life there is to share.

    Clyde W. Phillips Jr. ( cwpjr )

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