The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi! I'm Alexander from Ukraine and i really want make awesome games

  • Hi there! My name is Mark from the UK. I'm hoping to make some Android games. Using Eclipse lately.

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  • Hi everyone.

    My name's Sam. I'm a game developer, and I also teach game programming for a game school in Australia.

    I'm really keen to see what I can do with Construct 2.


  • Hello, I'm Azura..

    I'm still a newbie in game-making,

    but I am an expert at making story for a game, so If you need my help, just contact me...

    i hope can learn smething from you too...

  • i´m from Aguascalientes Mexico and i get construct 2 fom steam

  • Hi i am SAhar ,I am interested to make a game and earn money so i found you ,hope you will help me.As i donot have any experience

  • Hello Sahar,yep sure i'll help you...

  • Hi, I don't kown what to say,so just say hello.

  • HI everyone,

    I finally have time to dive in and learn to master Construct. I am so excited to share in this. I look forward to learning a lot from you all.


  • Hello. I am a student studying computer science and looking to get some experience in the field of game development. I have a few ideas for a Victorian London style game based on novels and novella of the time and films derived from them. I have little experience in game programming, and I am currently learning to code in Python.

  • Hey y'all. I've been programming computer games since I was six or seven years old on a Commodore 64. Just checking this out. I wasn't previously impressed with Construct but it looks like they've made some improvements since the original.

    The forum...I'm not so sure about. White and Cyan color scheme? C'mon, son!

  • Hello everybody. I am doing electronics engineering and this is the first time i am using any platform like this. So wish me luck!

  • Hi, I've been programming Silverlight games for dyslexia testing and assessment for about two years now, and I am really looking forward to writing my first indie game with Construct 2.

  • Ammarirfan, good look with your electronic engineering. I got my HND in electronic engineering around 1996 and specialised in radar. Unfortunately, I could not find work in electronics, but was good at C++ programming, and I have had a successful programming career since 1999. And I must say, I can find programming rather addictive at times., since you are doing electronics, as one of the courses it offers includes how to build your own robots and games console! The electronic kit for the games console is sold separately at: , and the robot kit can be purchased from: . Just in case you are interested.

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