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  • i am from the internet and i heard about this from nerd³, not much else to say

  • I'm Mr.Klungland. I heard about Construct 2 from Dan (AKA Nerd Cubed). I've been looking for a game developing program for a long time, and i finnaly think i found a god one. I'm from norway by the way.

    well, i've not tried it yet if nerd³ can use it, it must be a god of a program

  • Hello I am from Arizona and I heard of Construct 2 by a gamer

  • Hi, I'm CptBananaPeeler and I heard about this from Nerd Cubed.

  • Yup

  • Hey all, I've had my dreams of grandeur for making games for quite some time, though I have never really started to pursue it until now. I realize it's not as easy as it may seem, but the challenge is what intrigues me.

    I'm an applied and computational mathematics major, so my schooling focused on abstract math, computations and the basics of computer science...and now almost five years after graduating I got the bright idea that I may be the makings of a game developer. I am currently a 3rd year software engineer for Rockwell Collins.

    Any who, I like to ramble so back to the subject. I saw Construct tossed around on various game dev sites and forums, especially when game jams were the subject. Though I plan to focus my efforts on learning more C++, I want to get my feet wet with actually creating a game and hope Construct helps me to get there. I'm sort of a practitioner of many and master of none, but I plan to stick with building games.

    I also like cars, and music; Akai mpc200XL and FL Studio. I've sort of been on a hiatus from gaming and focusing on music lately, but favorite games: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Xbox), Need For Speed Underground(Xbox), BioShock series (360), NIghts (Sega Saturn), Virtua Tennis and NFL2k6 on Dreamcast.

  • Hello my name is Snow Ahmed and am a graphic desinger and a artist also a mangaka. I know how to build games by code and such, and then I found this and I think it will be a fun ride.

  • Hi there, I'm mostly here to look for help on using Construct 2 because I'm a total noob at it, but if I see anything interesting to post about elsewhere I'll probably contribute.

  • I've wanted to learn how to make games for a while now, and I heard about this program from , so I decided to give it a shot.

  • Apparently I can't use links yet, so the source is "Nerd³ Makes... How To Snooker"

  • Hi everyone,

    I am an amateur programmer who likes making retro shoot em up games. Sadly I'm not good with graphics so if anyone knows a place to get good retro graphics please let me know.



  • well I downloaded this to see what I can do, hope it will be cool.

  • Hi there I'm Creng and I joined today here x3 um I heard about Construct 2 on Steam first time but I decided to get it through the REAL website x3 I'm 31 years old from Finland and I love anime and manga and i also like to listen music, read some comics/mangas, youtubing, gaming and and yeah x3 if you haev any questions feel free to ask :3

  • I am a human who has heard of construct to from a certain how to snooker person

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  • I heard about this from a friend, decided to give it a shot. I've never made a game, so this should be interesting....

    Let's see how this goes!

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