The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello! My name is HydroPlume. Most people just call me Hydro, or sometimes Patch. I'm somewhat new to programming, and I think that Construct 2 will help me because I can visualize a game idea, and then work out how to program it from there.

    Thanks for reading my introduction; have a brownie!

    ~HydroPlume (Tildes are great)

  • Welcome

    my name is : amr ahmed mohamed elshinawy

    i am from: Egypt , alGaharbia, tanta

    i am :muslim

    i studed at :Al Nasr Expermental Language School

    iam now studing at: faculty of engineering tanta university

    i love to construct games and iam starting now

  • Hello all,

    Bucky's tutorial videos led me to Construct 2. Love that guy's work. Just thought I would say hello.

    Dave Reilly,

    CEO LilCon Games

  • Herro! Im will

  • I don't really have much to say except for hi!

  • Hi #23#

  • Hello, my name is Alexander.

    I found out about Construct from the MVA Jumpstart.

  • Hi

  • Hello, I am an Indie Dev. who has used other programmes. after seeing this though, I decided to try out the free one and I love it. My backgrounds are Chile, London, Tunbridge Wells and, finally, Norfolk. I look forward to posting my first game

  • Hello my new community!

    You may call me Izzy if you'd like. I'm as excited as ever to involve myself in this community to learn more about game design and to learn more about the people making them. I am new to the practice of game design, but I have studied this subject and correlating subjects in a broad scope. I'm kind of a research junkie, so I may have helpful links on various things that I'm happy to share as needed. I'm sure you will all be very helpful and I hope to be as helpful to you.


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  • Hello! I'm just downloading the demo to see if I can make something come to life! Nerdcubed (dan hardcastle) got me thinking of making games again...

  • Hey! I've decided to download Construct 2, because in the gaming course I'm taking this is the program we're using. I wanted to be able to work on projects outside of my classroom. I heard about it through my teacher Josh Otto.

  • Hello i am toastynwarm (But you can call me Hayden i guess i dunno, I don't really care)

    i heard about construct 2 from Nerd3 hes pretty cool you should watch him.

    hmm... one question i have is what is different from the free trial and the full paid for version <--- mah youtube (you dont need to go there .3.) <--- thats my tumblr im pretty cool

    that is all <3

  • Hey there, I'm Hexaxus (My name for pretty much everything) and I heard about Construct 2 from Nerd3. I'm surprised to find other people that have found this program from Dan aswell.

  • Hi everyone I am K3. I have heard of construct 2 from microsoft virtual academy. I download construct 2 is to give it a try. Who knows it might turn out to be a career.

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