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  • Hi! Just registered. I'm studying IT in Singapore and very fond of game development and Construct 2. Looking forward to learn a lot here!

  • Hey, that's a cool avatar I got: a golden robot roaming a likely dangerous post apocaliptyc landscape at night. Worth designing game on this!

  • I'm from Brazil, the state of Bahia, in the municipality of Rio Real

  • Hi Guys and gals ima new guy so can anyone help me

  • G'day guys,

    Checking out what Construct has to offer.

    [ HISTORY ]

    Artistic ability:



    BASIC, QBasic, Visual Basic (many moons ago last used VB6)

    VBA (not too strong but I've done what I've had to and still do. Mainly data manipulation)

    PHP (Main focus since 2002)

    A little Javascript thrown in with the web development of HTML and PHP


    Nothing to brag about. A few small things in QBasic and VB. a Few small JS things. nothing much. Nothing ever realised to the light of day or general public

    My lack of artistic abillity in any way shape or form has hindered the desire


    Married, 5 kids, had my own business.

    I.T. technical background with early on pre-I.T. retail roots.

    I also really like marshmallows. The look the texture the smell the name, not as fond of the taste though.


    A friend saw some web based JS games that I'd done. He has game ideas and artistic ability and we embarked on a game making journey. using Game Maker (which I tried many years ago and didn't care for) because he had already done some stuff with it.

    Long story short, a year later I've made more games (unfinsihed and unreleased) in game maker than he has (which is none) and I've still not seen any art from him.

    [ Yes yes years of similar crap with other people (programs and websites) should have dictated this would be the outcome ].

    Anyway I'm at a stage where I have ideas and have thrown the idea of pretty-art out the window and just want to release some stuff.

    Not trying to make a billion. Not trying to make a hundred. Just trying to make some people feel some joy by playing something I've created or been a part of.

    Enter my first dip into Construct 2 to see if it opens up paths I've not yet had access too.

    Thanks for your time. :*

  • Regards,

    I have experience in managing projects and people, preparation of technical proposals including public notices.

    I worked professionally in the telecommunications industry in positions of Analyst to Coordination facing area with PayTV with technologies: DTH (satellite), IPTV and HFC (cable) by companies Embratel and GVT, and also with activation of networks, working with team training technical partner network service providers across the country, with the relationship with suppliers of materials for approval, project development, aiming to create and process improvements in product, quality and training.

    I also worked with assurance and quality control in construction of pipeline for Petrobras working in positions of levels of Assistant Coordinator, responsible for the implementation of the sector at the beginning of the work and analysis of test data.

    Coordinated teams working in the areas of infrastructure, project development, operations, transmission, data and voice, OSP and Quality Processes.

    Programming in C / C + +, HTML, and I have extreme ease in learning programming languages.


    Rafael Jardim Barros

  • hi,yes,Hello, I was a rookie, I do not know most of the programming statements, but making games is a very interesting thing, and i

  • Hello, I'm Jade and I'm from Scotland and I heard about this software through a google search for easy to use game making software because I don't know how to code by hand so I needed the easy option

  • Yo Construct 2 friends

    I'm a 41 year old fart from Canada that somehow stumble onto this and i'm having fun learning making games.

    It is a nice hobby .Hopefully i can come close to making some sweet games as some of you experts, eH!

  • HELLO CONSTRUCT!!! My name is Lucas, I'm 24 and from Georgia. I am pretty new to computer science. I heard about Construct through my brother and thought I would try it out.

  • Hi i'm ye olde coot i'm new to making games if anyone has any tips or tricks i would love to know them.

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  • Hey! Icelus here, just looking to continue gamedev and learn C2.

  • Welcome to all the newcomers of the week!

    As you're all new arrivals, please take a look at the How Do I - Frequently asked questions and Tips for posting in the "How do I?" forum before asking for game creation assistance.

    Additionally, there are many tutorials you can start learning with hosted here on Scirra's website.

    Again, welcome to the community, and happy developing!

  • Welcome to all the newcomers of the week!


    ...and happy developing!

    Thanks again

    Additionally, there are many hosted here on Scirra's website.

    about that ... It's hard to do a tutorial (platform) when the graphics aren't available. Is there a similar set of graphics (but not the same), no matter how bad they may look, that are the same dimensions, sizes and have the same tile counts? I can't even make mock ones because that info isn't provided....that makes doing the whole tutorial hard to do. (I have searched for mock ones without success)

  • Hello all,

    Very nice concept.

    I am going to try this, and see the outcome.

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