The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Just here checking out the engine to see if it is quicker than writing it from scratch.

    I've found it a lot quicker than developing HTML5 games from scratch. It has movement functions, a physics engine and line of sight (including range) built in, amongst a lot of other handy features.

    Regardless, welcome!

  • I am Uros

  • I am Uros

    I am... THOR. No, really. Ahem. Welcome to the C2 community, Uros, .

  • I'm Arnaud, french teacher.

    I have old computers (on linux mint) in my classroom ... and smartphone's childrens.

    I hope make simples animations .. and I not to be ridiculous when I see my childs make it better than me (at home, because Construct 2 isn't on linux ( )

  • Hi all, I'm Diamond Llama. I'm just stating out, but this software came highly recommended.

    Looking forward to getting some of these ideas into reality!

  • Yo,

    I welcome myself to Scirra and it's program Construct 2.

    Glad to be here and I truly hope to make a game...someday...


  • Hi, I'm Wazza

    Hello everybody I'm Wazza. An indie game developer, amateur web designer/developer and a novice programmer.

    And A student

  • Hi all,

    I'm Gaz, I'm looking at bumping up my portfolio with a few game design ideas and bring them to reality

    First game idea and need help finding a tutorial. Looking for a drag racing type game that has a rev limit and changing gears. Can anyone help

  • Hello,

    I am Clarissa, trying out Scrirra today, am making games as passion!

    Game lovers here!

    This is my website (Google) : FutureGamesToday

  • Hoping to make some cool prototypes : ).

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  • Hello all,

    I love games and am very passionate about making them. I feel game play is very important but good art work never hurts. I am excited to get going!!!


  • Hello

    I am Dragan and have passion for making games.

    My site is here:

  • Hello!

    My name is Leonardo, I am Brazilian game designer and scriptwriter.

    I want to learn how to work with Construct 2 to create alone my own games.

  • hi guys I'm new here, and I wonder how do I give effect transitions, screens, like in the games final fantasy where you touches the enemy, and the transition to a battle screen occurs.

  • Hy everyone.

    My name is Flavio, I'm from Rome (Italy) and I work as a freelance developer.

    I Hope to learn to use Construct2 quite weel to produce my own games.

    Bye bye!


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