The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, I'm Jade and I'm from Scotland and I heard about this software through a google search for easy to use game making software because I don't know how to code by hand so I needed the easy option

  • Yo Construct 2 friends

    I'm a 41 year old fart from Canada that somehow stumble onto this and i'm having fun learning making games.

    It is a nice hobby .Hopefully i can come close to making some sweet games as some of you experts, eH!

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  • HELLO CONSTRUCT!!! My name is Lucas, I'm 24 and from Georgia. I am pretty new to computer science. I heard about Construct through my brother and thought I would try it out.

  • Hi i'm ye olde coot i'm new to making games if anyone has any tips or tricks i would love to know them.

  • Hey! Icelus here, just looking to continue gamedev and learn C2.

  • Welcome to all the newcomers of the week!

    As you're all new arrivals, please take a look at the How Do I - Frequently asked questions and Tips for posting in the "How do I?" forum before asking for game creation assistance.

    Additionally, there are many tutorials you can start learning with hosted here on Scirra's website.

    Again, welcome to the community, and happy developing!

  • Welcome to all the newcomers of the week!


    ...and happy developing!

    Thanks again

    Additionally, there are many hosted here on Scirra's website.

    about that ... It's hard to do a tutorial (platform) when the graphics aren't available. Is there a similar set of graphics (but not the same), no matter how bad they may look, that are the same dimensions, sizes and have the same tile counts? I can't even make mock ones because that info isn't provided....that makes doing the whole tutorial hard to do. (I have searched for mock ones without success)

  • Hello all,

    Very nice concept.

    I am going to try this, and see the outcome.

  • Hi, I'm recaldinus, italian gamer here to try construct!

  • Bonjour, je suis DXxSoSoxXD, j'ai un long projet en se moment et j'aimerais vous le partagez un jour

    Sur 5 niveau je serais au 3ème niveau sur Construct 2.

    Je ferais beaucoup de tutoriel sur les variables ^^

  • Hello Everyone.

    I'm an avid gamer and entrepreneur. CEO and Co-founder of NF Games, an indie dev startup in Chihuahua, Mexico.

  • Hi, forum! I'm from Russia, so my English might be not so well.

    I like pixelated designs, minimalism, old fashioned games. I have some skills in Basic and QBasic, even programm few very simple games on thows languages. Want to lern Construct 2, and make new games.

  • Hello Everybody!

    My name is Giuseppe and I'm from Italy.

    I like C2 because I love 2d-platform and old-school shoot 'em up.


  • Hello, this is Ben. Nice forum.

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