The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello Everybody!

    My name is Giuseppe and I'm from Italy.

    I like C2 because I love 2d-platform and old-school shoot 'em up.


  • Hello, this is Ben. Nice forum.

  • Im SuitedSpider and I grewup with the game V8 SuperCars. So therefore the first game I tried to make was a car racer on "Unity" but that didn't work for me so I tried construct 2 and found it so much better.

    I have a small freelance no pay company called Jawdrop Studio which currently is just me but I want to expand that some more.

    I have so far only completed one game Troll Shoot but will most likely not release it if you would like to look at it Private Message me.

    I have an interest in doing 2D and 3D texturing and would love to learn how to do them. I have currently had construct 2 for a week and already created a suitable game by my standards my Writing skills however are at my school A grade.

    Please Join My company if you would like someone to teach how to texture and to make some games.

  • Hi !

    My name is Carlos Eduardo and I'm from Brazil.

    I like game development and Construct 2 is a great and solid engine.

    Nice to meet you!

  • Hi I just installed this program. Have fun all and hope to see you around!

  • Hi!

    I'm hobbyist dev from Australia. Looking forward to exploring more of what C2 can do!

  • Hello everyone! my name is José Varela and i'm from ChiIe.

    I'm studying Digital & Multimedia Communication and i want to explore "the world of Construct 2".

    This software is awesome

  • Hello! I am Wesley Jeffries from California. I am creating a Video Game Design Course for my high school and am investigating different game creation engines.

  • Hello! I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, working at two local universities (PUC-Rio and LaSalle). My intent is to develop educational games.

  • I am SiimC, I got here from NerdCubed

  • Hello Everybody,

    I'm from Australia and i love playing console and PC games, also i found this site from NerdCubed


  • hello im Swishshot im form america and i also heard about this from nerd cubed

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  • Hi! I'm ShankyCal, i'm 14 years old and want to get into game design when i'm older! I heard about Construct 2 from Daniel Hardcastle (NerdCubed) and thought I would give it a try!

  • Heard about this through teh micro$oft web page somewhere. figured why not

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