The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey... My name is Jean-Marc and from Canada , trying this for the first time been into game for a long long time... Atari 2600 world... I came about this from BuckysRoom learning... he is the best when it comes to training simple to understand complicated stuff.

    Cheers to geeks world


  • Hi,

    I'm Neon (Fake name) and I'm from India, just a beginner in programming and have an inclination towards game development. Once, I start developing some good games, I will upgrade myself to the premium versions of Construct. It looks like a really cool software to develop games.

    Can't wait to learn more about it.

  • Hello, my name is Dennis. I'm from Ukraine and i love programming. Construct is the best program for beginner and professional =)

  • Hey guys! Looking forward to delving into Construct 2 for a project. I'm curious, who do you guys use for custome pixel art and sprites, or do you make most of it yourselves?

  • Hello,

    My name is Kyle. I am a designer/animator with 10-years experience. I've played games most of my life but this is my first attempt to create one. I have a near-complete designed game ready to be coded. I could take the time to learn the code/process myself but I'm seeking a Construct2 developer who's willing to plug in my graphics into a relatively simple game. I have examples and assets. I am not paying but hoping to work with someone who's maybe also new and willing to help me complete this game to potentially make a few dimes back once it's released. Please message me if you're interested!



  • Hi, i'm Digg (Obviously).... Brazilian, game developer,programmer, Designer, captain, (and super hero in spare time ).....

    I Love the Indie development.... kinda a passionate for Flash(ActionScript 3, in fact), and really enthusiastic about what we can get with Construct 2

  • Hi, I m Vivek, just a beginner

  • Hello all!

    New to the world of gaming This seems like a great place to learn and I look forward to interacting with you guys! Cheers!!!

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  • Hi there!

    I'm new to game programming and never was programming a lot.

    So this here looks like a great possibiltiy to get fast results without endless lines of code.

    However I hope you will help me with all my questions.


  • Hello,

    You already know my name

    One of my main hobbies are playing video games, I said to myself one day why don't try to make a game or games other than playing them,I researched that construct 2 was the simplest place to start,so here I am.

    I hope to add to my list of hobbies of not only playing games to making them as well.

  • Hello I'm... here for the 25 reputation

  • Hey everyone, my name is Bucky. I just started with Construct 2 a few weeks ago

  • im just wondered if this can be a thesis?? coz right now im thinking for my thesis??

  • Интересно, этот движок лучше Unity?

  • thenewboston used to watch your videos awesome, if it's really you.

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