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  • Hi there!

    I'm new to game programming and never was programming a lot.

    So this here looks like a great possibiltiy to get fast results without endless lines of code.

    However I hope you will help me with all my questions.


  • Hello,

    You already know my name

    One of my main hobbies are playing video games, I said to myself one day why don't try to make a game or games other than playing them,I researched that construct 2 was the simplest place to start,so here I am.

    I hope to add to my list of hobbies of not only playing games to making them as well.

  • Hello I'm... here for the 25 reputation

  • Hey everyone, my name is Bucky. I just started with Construct 2 a few weeks ago

  • im just wondered if this can be a thesis?? coz right now im thinking for my thesis??

  • Интересно, этот движок лучше Unity?

  • thenewboston used to watch your videos awesome, if it's really you.

  • Hey everyone, my name is Fabian. I'm a game addict and started playing in the mid 80ies as a kid. I started creating my own games in the 90ies but all for my own entertainment and education. When I heard about Construct 2 I just couldn't resist and had to get my hands on a license to start creating games for everyone. I am really curious how far the rabbid hole goes




    This is an English forum and the rules are you must either post in English or provide an English translation, or you are unlikely to get the help you require.

  • Hi

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  • Hi all

    My name is Mijael.. I am just learnign how to manage Construct 2 in order to create my own awesome game... if you want some help please let me know. =D greetings

  • i just want to make games for my friends cause i have some ideas

  • Hi My name is Dave and I love games, and I want make games who don't see yet. Sorry for my english :/ I'm from Poland. I love computer graphics, and programs like After Effects, Gimp (for games . Nice to meet You - anyone who reading that post.

  • hi all,

    I am a starter and used GameSalad. Saw that Construct2 beats Gamesalad and Stencyl on the forums and blogs.

    Hope it stands out and will need your help

  • Hi im Jordon Welling

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