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  • Hey everyone, my name is Fabian. I'm a game addict and started playing in the mid 80ies as a kid. I started creating my own games in the 90ies but all for my own entertainment and education. When I heard about Construct 2 I just couldn't resist and had to get my hands on a license to start creating games for everyone. I am really curious how far the rabbid hole goes




    This is an English forum and the rules are you must either post in English or provide an English translation, or you are unlikely to get the help you require.

  • Hi

  • Hi all

    My name is Mijael.. I am just learnign how to manage Construct 2 in order to create my own awesome game... if you want some help please let me know. =D greetings

  • i just want to make games for my friends cause i have some ideas

  • Hi My name is Dave and I love games, and I want make games who don't see yet. Sorry for my english :/ I'm from Poland. I love computer graphics, and programs like After Effects, Gimp (for games . Nice to meet You - anyone who reading that post.

  • hi all,

    I am a starter and used GameSalad. Saw that Construct2 beats Gamesalad and Stencyl on the forums and blogs.

    Hope it stands out and will need your help

  • Hi im Jordon Welling

  • HI -

    Thanks for having me. I look forward to making a few games and an app!


  • Hi everyone.

    I'm Paul from Liverpool, England.

    I was watching Indie Game: The Movie this morning and felt inspired, a game idea hit me and I decided I'd find an engine to make a demo of it.

    I google'd 'Zelda game engine' and voila, here I am!

    Glad to meet y'all.


  • I'm me.

    I live in the US of A

    I usually hate forums but this one is pretty incredible, so here I am.

    I play a bunch of musical instruments (been playing in bands for 15 years), I do a lot of graphic design (bands gotta have t-shirts, right?). I dabble in animation and various other creative pursuits.

    Many years ago, I learned a bunch of computer programming with the intent of developing games, but life led me in other directions. After realizing there's all these game making programs to simplify the process, I've decided to get back into it.

    I'm currently working on translating a card game a friend of mine created into a video game.

    And all kinds of other stuff...

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  • I have arrived.

  • From Georgia. gonna throw down some games!

  • Hey all, I'm Cornel from Romania... I heard first time about Construct 2 from Bucky (thenewboston channel on youtube). I'm going to try it out, but not at the moment, maybe in a few weeks

  • Hi, my name is Meli and I'm from NC. I found Scirra through google while looking into new game development programs to try out.

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