The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello everybody,

    I hope I'm going to create some epic games.

    I came here because of the latest video of thenewboston



  • Hello hello, Kio here and I'm glad to join into the construct community.

    I'm new and fresh into making a game.

    Came by to construct2 by a friend who recommended me to try it and so, I'll be giving it my all ^_^

    I love rpg's and puzzles but am a fan of strategy games too. For me, graphics and music are not all to a game(though I know they are quite important).

    I enjoy gameplay that would had different levels of difficulty and aswell, background stories on games. Would them be light and simple to follow or complex, dark and mindbending(and sometimes mindbreaking) ones.

    I'll surely take my time reading and asking around, "since there is no fool's question other than those never asked." Or so I'm told now and then.

    Hopefully, in the future (or the not so distant one!) I'll do my best to make games that people can enjoy and have fun with to come back and play countless times.

  • Hello I'm Markieer! (Not my real name)

    I like fun!

    Games are fun!

    I make games!

    I make fun!

    I AM A GOD!!

    Nice to meet all of you!

    (If I make any grammar or spelling errors in my games or posts please tell me so they don't happen again or can be fixed)

  • Assalamualaikum wr. wb

    hi , i would like to join this forum in order i can develop games.. something interested by everyone...

    i would like to be active and please keep sharing with me and each other, because.. [quote:34boz2id]we are family...

    thank you..

    go to my blog:


    Wassalamualaikum wr. wb


  • Hey Everyone!

  • Hallooooo

  • Hello, my name is Chris and I live in South Gate, California.

  • Hey... My name is Jean-Marc and from Canada , trying this for the first time been into game for a long long time... Atari 2600 world... I came about this from BuckysRoom learning... he is the best when it comes to training simple to understand complicated stuff.

    Cheers to geeks world


  • Hi,

    I'm Neon (Fake name) and I'm from India, just a beginner in programming and have an inclination towards game development. Once, I start developing some good games, I will upgrade myself to the premium versions of Construct. It looks like a really cool software to develop games.

    Can't wait to learn more about it.

  • Hello, my name is Dennis. I'm from Ukraine and i love programming. Construct is the best program for beginner and professional =)

  • Hey guys! Looking forward to delving into Construct 2 for a project. I'm curious, who do you guys use for custome pixel art and sprites, or do you make most of it yourselves?

  • Hello,

    My name is Kyle. I am a designer/animator with 10-years experience. I've played games most of my life but this is my first attempt to create one. I have a near-complete designed game ready to be coded. I could take the time to learn the code/process myself but I'm seeking a Construct2 developer who's willing to plug in my graphics into a relatively simple game. I have examples and assets. I am not paying but hoping to work with someone who's maybe also new and willing to help me complete this game to potentially make a few dimes back once it's released. Please message me if you're interested!



  • Hi, i'm Digg (Obviously).... Brazilian, game developer,programmer, Designer, captain, (and super hero in spare time ).....

    I Love the Indie development.... kinda a passionate for Flash(ActionScript 3, in fact), and really enthusiastic about what we can get with Construct 2

  • Hi, I m Vivek, just a beginner

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  • Hello all!

    New to the world of gaming This seems like a great place to learn and I look forward to interacting with you guys! Cheers!!!

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