The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi I'm Edwin:

    I'm a web developer and found interesting Construct 2. I have some ideas for games and I'm looking forward to learn more of the engine. Hope to see you more often as I make questions...

    Thank you

  • Hello, I'm Nazaire, but you can call me Naz. I'm relatively new to engines like Construct 2, but I will do my best ^_^

    P.S. My favorite color is #1E90FF

  • Hello!

  • I just downloaded this. I figured it might be better than GameMaker so I decided to give it a try. Is it easy? Are the games you create good? Thanks.

  • Hello, I am a software developer and came across Construct 2 while exploring various game engines.

  • Hi, I've never done anything even similar to attempting to make a game and it's my understanding that this is a decent place to get started so, wish me luck.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm Pedro and am from California. Going to begin making games soon on the basic version of Construct 2. If all goes well, I will look into purchasing the Personal version and marketing my games.

  • Hey all, my name's James and I'm a games developer. I've been programming for 2-3 years now, starting off with simple Python apps, and evolving to intricate VB.NET apps.

    Over the past year, I've used Game Maker: Studio (meh) and Corona SDK (yuck) to make games, and now am considering using Construct 2, I'm downloading the free version now, and hope to get some good stuff happening.

    My ultimate goal is to get into Nintendo's Wii U self-publishing program, and use their Web Framework to port a game over onto it, and then release it on Android, iOS and all that as well. I've made a few games, like Don't Touch My Teddy Bear (Android) and The Stadium Project (PC) and I own my own unregistered games company named Jarokn Games.

    I hope that this tool turns out to be a good one, because Game Maker: Studio is so expensive and not even cross platform without a massive upfront fee.

  • Hello everybody,

    I hope I'm going to create some epic games.

    I came here because of the latest video of thenewboston



  • Hello hello, Kio here and I'm glad to join into the construct community.

    I'm new and fresh into making a game.

    Came by to construct2 by a friend who recommended me to try it and so, I'll be giving it my all ^_^

    I love rpg's and puzzles but am a fan of strategy games too. For me, graphics and music are not all to a game(though I know they are quite important).

    I enjoy gameplay that would had different levels of difficulty and aswell, background stories on games. Would them be light and simple to follow or complex, dark and mindbending(and sometimes mindbreaking) ones.

    I'll surely take my time reading and asking around, "since there is no fool's question other than those never asked." Or so I'm told now and then.

    Hopefully, in the future (or the not so distant one!) I'll do my best to make games that people can enjoy and have fun with to come back and play countless times.

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  • Hello I'm Markieer! (Not my real name)

    I like fun!

    Games are fun!

    I make games!

    I make fun!

    I AM A GOD!!

    Nice to meet all of you!

    (If I make any grammar or spelling errors in my games or posts please tell me so they don't happen again or can be fixed)

  • Assalamualaikum wr. wb

    hi , i would like to join this forum in order i can develop games.. something interested by everyone...

    i would like to be active and please keep sharing with me and each other, because.. [quote:34boz2id]we are family...

    thank you..

    go to my blog:


    Wassalamualaikum wr. wb


  • Hey Everyone!

  • Hallooooo

  • Hello, my name is Chris and I live in South Gate, California.

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