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  • Hello

  • hi everyone,

    my name is Alen, i'm from Croatia, i've been using Construct Free to create some simple games for learning..

    also i've been programming in C#/C++/C/Java/Perl/Pyhton/Unix bash/ html/ css/ javascript last 10-15 years. (been changing technologies all the time). Also i'm a faculty of electrical engineering and computing master in computer science.

    i see great potential in construct 2, for 2D and in some near future even for 3D (with plugins or what not) games.

    Currently i'm starting on jquery and webGL programming books (~400 pages each) so i will use that knowledge to bring some good plugins to people and some good (i hope so) upgrades and what not.

    also i would love to improve construct in any way possible, help the dev team and everyone here.

    also i will develop (already developing one) games, and i plan to open a company (in near future) for game developing. i would love to use construct 2 to create good games for PC even, because today is everything running around COD/Battlefield and i think it's possible to push through these aswell

    i guess that's it..

  • Hi everybody !

    We are shinpixel a group of creation of video games ! We are 7 french student (15-17 years).

    Our first project is a little game named "CubeeRun First Run"

    you can play this game on our website (but we can't publy our website :/)

    The site is in french, we make an english version in a few days because it's in build.

    We published the game in the scirra arcade to make a lot of Cubee Player !

    Thank for your attention

    See you soon


  • I'm Enrico and I make games as a hobby.

  • My name is Thomas. I am a programmer who coded in c# for 10 years. At this moment I learn Android, and construct seem interesting too.

    Made few games in my life, those were mostly escape games for (cool house break in, minimalist room escape and so on...)

    No money in there, so I wanted to try something different.

    Ok, for start that's all.

  • Hi, my name is Gabriel. Working in IT industry for 20 years, owning computer for 30 years (long live zx spectrum with my 1st basic program made for school, after that c64 and legend continues ...). Love Sci-Fi games, started with Eagle Empire (1984 Aligata Software) , Elite, Privateer ...dreaming on making Sci-Fi game .........why not

  • Hi, I'm a Technical Program Manager at Amazon, working in Mobile Advertising. I've been personally interested in exploring different game platforms and Construct 2 caught my eye in Google Search results for Mobile Game Development. I have an education in Graphic Design and Computer Science, and personal hobby interest in music production in my small home studio. Game on!

  • Hi

    I am Rahman. New to the world of game development. Found about construct 2 from a you tube video. Not sure yet, how interesting or easy will be development through Construct. Hope it will be fun. And will accept and follow any advise or instructions from experienced professionals.

  • Hi, I'm Saddam and I will be looking up to make games using Construct 2. I had never built a game, so I think it will be a fun experience.

  • Hello construct 2 community

  • Hi guys !

    I'm new to Construct 2 but I've seen it has a lot of potential and I hope together with you, I'll be able to create some cool games



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  • Hi I'm Edwin:

    I'm a web developer and found interesting Construct 2. I have some ideas for games and I'm looking forward to learn more of the engine. Hope to see you more often as I make questions...

    Thank you

  • Hello, I'm Nazaire, but you can call me Naz. I'm relatively new to engines like Construct 2, but I will do my best ^_^

    P.S. My favorite color is #1E90FF

  • Hello!

  • I just downloaded this. I figured it might be better than GameMaker so I decided to give it a try. Is it easy? Are the games you create good? Thanks.

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