The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, I'm Matt and I'm interested in making high quality web-games of all kinds. If you'd like to see some of my Game Design work please check out .

  • Hi my name is Renato. I´m a Brazilian Math professor that enjoys the art of game designing.

    Besides, I lead a small educational games development project. In the team, I count on a high school young student and a Science Computing professor.

    I used to work with Game Maker and last year a friend recommended study Construct 2. So, that´s my goal.

  • I want make a game , and in the future make a company !

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  • Hi there,

    my name's Francesco a.k.a. kekkorider, I started with game development in 2007 using RPG Maker 2003 but I quit in 2010 due to my job (I work as web developer).

    A friend of mine talked to me very much about Construct2 so I downloaded it, after a couple of tutorials I was impressed by its ease of use, also it's funny

    My objective is to create fast and enjoyable games to publish on the App Store and the Play Store (and why not, earn some euros )

  • Hey everyone. I'm a ten year developer veteran with zero actual game development experience. I tried out Unity and Unreal engine but for the simple concepts i have in mind they're a bit much. Not to mention, I can hardly draw 2d, much less 3d, and I'm not looking to spend a couple grand on art for a hobby. So, here I am. Wish me luck.

  • Hello everyone, I just signed up and I hope to use construct 2 to learn about 2D character creation and animation.

  • Hi everyone! I wanted an easy tool to try to create some games on my free time. Construct looks awesome and is the easyest I found until now for a hobbyist like me. I hope I can create something cool with it.

  • Hello from Turkey

  • Hello world.

  • Hello from Pennsylvania. Previous Game Maker newbie and looking to learn Construct 2.

  • So ... "Introduce Yourself" ... Something besides "hello, world" I suppose!

    As you can see (@MikeDobson), my name is Mike, and I live in the U.S.

    "Hello, my name is Mike, and I'm obsessed with a computer game."

    I've been programming computers of one kind or another since Reagan was still president (not that those two facts have anything to DO with one another) ...

    And to further "date-stamp" myself, my very first "computer" was "Timex-Sinclair 1500" !

    It just occurs to me as I'm writing this, that my very first ever "complete" program, was in fact a very basic (no "splitting" etc. but did have "graphics" of a sort) "Blackjack" (or "21" if you prefer) game! I thought of it myself, did it ALL by myself - as opposed to modifying code from books or magazines, etc. (that was the way a lot of "hobbyists" spread code in those days).

    So far, I'm sort of using C2 as a "rapid" (relative term, there) "prototyping" tool, attempting to "re-create" an old "computer game" that's even older than my personal experience; maybe I'll get around to a "Work in Progress" and/or "Screen Shot" forum post eventually.

    It's taking me a bit to get "past" the whole "no coding required" type of "paradigm" (especially since I'm more familiar with "coding") espoused by C2; I'm seeing (though various tutorials and my own experiments) that it requires, if not explicit "coding," quite a few bits of rather "specialized knowledge" (which look suspiciously like things most learn w/"traditional" coding) in order to get very far past the simple(r) templates and "game genres" that the creators obviously had in mind for C2. Some 3rd-party plugins are already simplifying things tremendously, especially those by rexrainbow !

  • Hi, I'm from San Jose, CA and just learned about Construct2 in my class at Foothill College.

  • como creo

  • Sharjeel Ashraf from Pakistan

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