The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello,

    I come in here to introduce myself and to share my goal with Sicrra using Construct 2 (Free), to get my game publish.

    I am a deaf developer, and would like to create something effectively to play and to have fun!


  • hi im a beginner at this

  • Hi I am Ton and I became aware of construct 2 when I was looking for making games in HTML5. I have downloaded the free version for trying out Construct 2 and sofar I like it very much. I hope to find lots of tips and tricks on this forum.

  • Hi guys. new to construct2. Hope you can help me to create awesome games

  • Hi! My name is Pubudu Kavishka Rajapaksha I am from Sri Lanka,I am 15 Years old,My ambition is to be a software engineer.Thank You!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi buddies, I'm coming from Reunion Island and using Construct 2 since a year (personnal edition). I just realised that I never posted here even it's been more than a year I bought the software, so here I am. =)

    Sorry for some mistake in my speech, I'm a french native speaker, don't mind to correct me. =)

    See you soon. =)

  • Hello there! Just starting here!

  • Hi, my name is opeyemi and am interested in making a game with construct 2

  • Welcome to the newcomers. =)

  • Hey Guys,

    This is Soum. I recently got a degree in Game Design from SCAD. Always concentrated on the art side but now I felt its time to get into game programming and stuff. As a starter , trying out Construct 2 to see how easy with my limited knowledge of Programming is to create games.

  • Hello all! Just starting here!

  • Hello there, newcomer's here and my name is yudha

  • Hi, I am Zef and uh... I heard about C2 on a video about a game, a flash game and I decided to check it out.

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  • Hello World.

    I am Neil. Currently doing Unity and Construct 2. My first computer was an Epson XT running at 4.77MHZ and my sound card was an AdLib Music Synthesizer. I still remember those days where i use floppy disk to store data.

    My first programming language was GWbasic. Maybe some of you guys heard of that. I am planning to create a Lunar Lander Clone. And I do hope you guys can help me out in the future.

    You can visit my facebook pages for my work in progress.

    My favourite dos game is Legend of Ys. I never completed that game.


  • Hello Friends

    somos un nuevo grupo INDIE EEEEEH

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