The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone!

    I like making games! I started with Klik&Play in 1995, and haven't looked back since.

    Construct 2 seems pretty awesome with my short time with it. I hope to have something to show you all soon.

  • Thanks i user construct2 to my incial games ....special atentions the new form of programing the games thats cool...

  • My name is Owen Zahn and I want to become a DEV. I heard about Constuct 2 on Game Jolt. Thank You for this opportunity!

  • Hi I'm from Philippines, I'm interested in making games with HTML5 and I came to this page by reading this article .

  • Hey all names Lachlan I'm an aussie gamer at a young age and I would like the opportunity to make games my plan is to make a prototype with free version and then get an investor to help me buy the licence to upgrade produce final copy and maybe make some money.

  • Greetings and salutations

    I am new to this program and I'm looking forward to using it for a project I'm busy with

    I look forward to picking the brains of the most experienced users of this program when I run into trouble XD

    hope you guys enjoy your day

    Kind regards


  • Hi everyone,

    Newcomer's here and my name is Tim. I just found Contruct 2 on Google and I'm looking forward to realising my ideas with this program.


  • ele e muito bom e simplificado tem uma introduçao bonita facil e legal para aprender em qualquer hora

  • Hello C2 World...

    My name is Mr. Kelly Britt and my background is owning and operating a small web hosting company for the last 18 years. I currently have 4 teenage kids.

    My profession has taught me much about server networks, basics about web construction, and I have taught myself some database programming using ColdFusion (old school) over the course of time.... I will probably be the only guy who uses .cfm instead of .php for scripting enhancements to C2.

    Originally, I ended up here just wanted to be able to make a boggle clone to practice on because I like playing Ruzzle ... instead, what I have found is a whole new world of fun (and frustration) ... so much to learn, so many ideas... I'll do my best not to get too grumpy.


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  • Hi all!

    I work as a web developer and I've done games before. But right now I'm looking for a game engine/maker to use in a small course to introduce kids to programming. I want something very simple yet allows the user to touch some code so they don't get scared once they have to. What do you guys think of Construct for this?



  • hello Scirra! my name is Blake i have made several games on Scirra most small or clones to get my learning up with C2 (DON'T WORRY I WILL NOT POST ANY OF MY CLONES TO THIS SITE)

    lol but i just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone here i don't post a lot but have learned A LOT from reading tutorials re creating clones and reading and implementing CAPX files

    i look forwarded to see what Scirra has for the future and am excited to be with such a active and helpful community!

    Thank you All!!!

  • Hi everyone,

    I just want to pop in and introduce myself. My name is Vadim and although I'm not new to programming, I am new to game development and the Construct 2 engine. My dream is to create a coolest 2d game ever!!^^

    I'm an easy going guy and i make friends im from Ukraine and probably my english is not so perfect:( see you guys ! [PEACE]

  • Hello Scirra folks,

    My name is Soufiane, Devloper and ethical hacker and game design lover

    very happy to join this awsome Community !!

    See you arround

  • Hey there,

    My name is Mitchell

  • Hey there,

    I'm praveen from india

    Im indie developer of Screenager games. A newbie developer.

    I have a question, if i purchase a license will i be able to make games without saying 'this game was made using construct 2 ' ??

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