The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone,

    Newcomer's here and my name is Tim. I just found Contruct 2 on Google and I'm looking forward to realising my ideas with this program.


  • ele e muito bom e simplificado tem uma introduçao bonita facil e legal para aprender em qualquer hora

  • Hello C2 World...

    My name is Mr. Kelly Britt and my background is owning and operating a small web hosting company for the last 18 years. I currently have 4 teenage kids.

    My profession has taught me much about server networks, basics about web construction, and I have taught myself some database programming using ColdFusion (old school) over the course of time.... I will probably be the only guy who uses .cfm instead of .php for scripting enhancements to C2.

    Originally, I ended up here just wanted to be able to make a boggle clone to practice on because I like playing Ruzzle ... instead, what I have found is a whole new world of fun (and frustration) ... so much to learn, so many ideas... I'll do my best not to get too grumpy.


  • Hi all!

    I work as a web developer and I've done games before. But right now I'm looking for a game engine/maker to use in a small course to introduce kids to programming. I want something very simple yet allows the user to touch some code so they don't get scared once they have to. What do you guys think of Construct for this?



  • hello Scirra! my name is Blake i have made several games on Scirra most small or clones to get my learning up with C2 (DON'T WORRY I WILL NOT POST ANY OF MY CLONES TO THIS SITE)

    lol but i just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone here i don't post a lot but have learned A LOT from reading tutorials re creating clones and reading and implementing CAPX files

    i look forwarded to see what Scirra has for the future and am excited to be with such a active and helpful community!

    Thank you All!!!

  • Hi everyone,

    I just want to pop in and introduce myself. My name is Vadim and although I'm not new to programming, I am new to game development and the Construct 2 engine. My dream is to create a coolest 2d game ever!!^^

    I'm an easy going guy and i make friends im from Ukraine and probably my english is not so perfect:( see you guys ! [PEACE]

  • Hello Scirra folks,

    My name is Soufiane, Devloper and ethical hacker and game design lover

    very happy to join this awsome Community !!

    See you arround

  • Hey there,

    My name is Mitchell

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  • Hey there,

    I'm praveen from india

    Im indie developer of Screenager games. A newbie developer.

    I have a question, if i purchase a license will i be able to make games without saying 'this game was made using construct 2 ' ??

  • Greetings people! My name is Alex and I'm from Singapore, I am a 17 years old student pursuing Game Design and Development

  • My name is Bruno Cesar, brasilian, 29 years old. I live in Osasco, Sao Paulo, and work with design & communucation.

  • I am awresome!

  • Hi Everyone, I am looking around for some great 6th grade to 8th grade appropriate games that are also totally pc / non-violent / school appropriate. Please PM me, as I have a budget for the right games.

    Thank you.

  • Hello !

    I'm here to introduce myself Firstly, I'm a young french developper, my passion for the computer began when I have 3yo when I start to play my 1rst game (Motocross madness 2 !), and after I started game making at the age of 10 with RPGMaker, I also use different 3D software and compositing software.

    Until today, I used different software before, RPGMaker, Unity (my favorite soft

    Now I think I finish Goodbye and good game making :p

    PS: I'm not the best english EVER but I hope that my text was understandable

  • Hello,

    My name is nlon and I'm new to the gaming industry, Construct2 is the best choice i ever made i can tell just by this awesome community and vast amount of tutorials. Not to mention the great game builder that creates crazy cool games!

    I'm looking forward to making new friends here since we all share a common attribute: we are COOL

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