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  • Hello i am new to Construct 2 and i have no idea what i am doing

  • Hi I am new to this website and hopefully it will be better then the other.

  • 37yo, from Rio de Janeiro. Actually working as a creative director on

    I came from gamesalad but after I've discovered C2 I'm never coming back.

    I hope to have interesting things to share with you.

  • Hello all! I hope to create great and wonderful things with Construct 2 and I thank you for your patience with me in advance. I currently work for a major domain registrar as a junior developer/automation engineer. I would like to leave that though, as I have lofty dreams of starting a indie gaming company. Wish me luck!

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  • Hello,

    My name is Lee, I am 42 and I have been involved with video games since my Grand Father bought me a used TRS 80 in 79 that came with three games; Asylum, Galaxy Invasion, and Othello. I never played the Othello and if I remember right I think I put it in a box to be forgotten.

    I have one game to my credit (and several attempts) that is called Gumdrop Frenzy. You can actually find more info on Psycho Hamster Games website or on Indie DB. I am primarily the designer and I actually did two quarters of game design before I realized they was not teaching me anything I did not know already.

    My passion for game creation came when the big developers started adding less content and more "eye candy". Duke Nukem 3D had about 25 - 30 levels. Now your lucky if there is eight to ten levels. Yes I know they have "checkpoints" now but checkpoints does not give you the same feeling as beating the boss at the end of the level. I remember how excited I was when I beat Metroid, I don't get that same feeling anymore.

    I hope the games I create bring back the old school days of throwing stuff because you got pissed when you did not jump at the right time and Mario landed on a spike or in a lava pool. My goal is to make that happen.

  • good:)

  • Hi guys im a 28 years old entusiast dev who want to learn game dev an make son cool stuff

  • Hey, have coded web-based games for awhile. had downloaded construct 2 a while back. Have played around with it some when first downloaded. But then got distracted by other activities. Have been playing around with it a bit more recently. Been gaming online for over 18 years now, console gaming since was old enough to hold an atari controller.

  • Holas asdasd

  • Hey Everyone,

    My name is Tim and I'm from Spokane, WA, USA.

    Just graduated with an AAS in Graphic Design

    I'm an aspiring interactive developer trying to make some cool games to show off my programming skills.

    Most everything points me here for the best 2d game engine.

  • ...ot definitely is the best engine Welcome!

  • Hello Friends

    My name is Ajith E R. Final year B Tech computer science and engineering student at college of engineering Adoor, Kerala. Am also a blogger and app developer at windows store. Constructor is a cool stuff to create game and here is the link of my first game that was created with constructor.

  • Saludos,

    Participo en un proyecto de promoción de las APPS en centros educativos C.R.

    Los chicos están motivados. Me mantendré conectado para conocer estrategias de mediación de este entorno de programación..

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  • Hi,

    I want to develop games, and I hate programming (no disrespect to programmers), hence my reason for trying out Construct 2.

    Nice to meet you all.


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