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  • hello ! just purchased personal edition and want build lot of game. can you plz give some good video tutorial ?? or any resource ??

  • -snip-

  • Hi! Beep Boop.

  • Hi, I'm Duncan. I'm 17 and I don't really have much of a history with gaming other than playing LEGO Loco or LEGO Racers on my old Windows 98 (I guess I'm a PC person). Anyway, I found out about Construct 2's existance when I was browsing through the Steam store page in the learning/development section. When I saw the Steam article and the feature "No programming required" I relished with joy and decided to get into to it (Not in the Steam version of cource).

    After experimenting with the software for about 4 months I have learned the basics of it and I can't wait to finalize my first game.

    I became interested in gamemaking when I started to find a repetitive behavior in my games. Unfortunantly, since math and programming is so rage-inducingly difficult, I was starting to limit my game ideas after what I could do. Then, all of a sudden, I found Construct 2 and everything felt alot easier.

    Long story short, I'm a simple user of the free version of Construct 2 and I'm looking forward to all the future projects will I make and all the other games on the Scirra Arcade and everywhere else.

  • Hello my name is Erik, my friends call me by Spyder. I'm not really a spider but you know what i mean. ^_^

    Well, I don't really got much to say right now but if you want to know more just let me know. XD

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  • Hello everyone!

    Now, i'm a new member of this.

    My project in mind is to start a platform game with a background story that will overcome challenges to achieve the love of my girlfriend.

    I want to impress her, and give the game as anniversary.

    Give me some ideas for the game, haha


  • Hey all i'm new to game deving and such my only programming experience is HTML way back when it was just HTML. I heared about Constructor from deviever and hope to make some awesome games!

  • Hi, my name is weewoo. I'm a college dropout who was trying to become a behavioral analyst, now trying to learn how to program to create more intuitive and memorable experiences.

    I think the mechanics of video games are my best tool for that.

    I also have an odd request, but one that could help me get out of this funk I'm in.

    I have a lot of trouble staying on task, so imagine how hard it would be for me to plan a long term project. I have more to-do lists on varying forms of medium than I actually have finished to-do lists. Could one of you email me daily? And challenge me to learn how to use this game maker? I'll be eternally grateful.

    • weewoo
  • Hello all. I'm just having a look at Construct 2. Now all I need is some inspiration for something to do with it...

  • Hey everybody,

    I am new to this Forum but have been programming for a few years already in C++, C#(XNA), HTML, CSS, Javascript and Java(but most C++ and C# .

    So I hope for a nice community and sorry for my bad English, it´s not my main language(I am from Austria)

  • Hello, my name is Juan. I am 21 years old and im a Software Engeneering student. I am looking foward on creating great games and meeting new people to work with.

    Hope to work with you some day!


  • Hi everybody! I'm (almost) 25 years old, live in Belgium and wish to create some games I've been dreaming and thinking about for a long time. In my studies I had programming and basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript and now I'm a full-time C# developer.

    Half a year ago I tried to get my game developer dream kick started by joining a specialized school to create games. It was interesting but I came to realize that I was mostly interested in programming and game concepts. The drawing was way out of my league and the 3D was pretty tricky too sometimes. I felt I was wasting hours and hours drawing and modeling while I wanted to create the logic/engine behind a game. Besides that I was using up all my spare money for this and I know it is hard to make a living of just creating games. That's why I went back to the job market for a general C# developer job where I continue to learn about programming as well and get a good paycheck at the end of the month.

    However, I promised myself to never give up my game development dream and would continue to work towards it. Now that I've settled in my new job I can start spending some of my free time on it. Recently I've been doing some research and I decided that I wanted to get my games on multiple platforms. I read about HTML5/JavaScript and all of its possibilities. I was planning to make my games all by hand but I soon found out this not a productive way to get things done. Then I heard about Construct 2 and GameMaker. Now I'm going to give Construct 2 a try and see where it gets me.

    Good luck to everyone and maybe we can help each other in the future!

  • Hello i am new to Construct 2 and i have no idea what i am doing

  • Hi I am new to this website and hopefully it will be better then the other.

  • 37yo, from Rio de Janeiro. Actually working as a creative director on

    I came from gamesalad but after I've discovered C2 I'm never coming back.

    I hope to have interesting things to share with you.

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