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  • Hey! I kinda need a push getting started,I had a few things stopping me....but now all I need is money or some help/slack to finally make games! Please show some empathy.....[color][/color]

    Best regards,Empath

  • hi

  • Hi, my name is Ivan.

    I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and I'm here to find out if Construct 2 is the right choice for my future app.



  • Hola soy federico y soy nuevo en la comunidad


  • Hi, my name is Sandra, I don't speak english very well, but I'll try. I want to make games for kids because I teach and I think that digital games help kids to learn and, at the same time, have a lot of fun.

  • Hello. My name is Pierre (from France). I spent 8 monthes to create "Andy Biodik", a "shooting pacman" game, still in development but fully playable. Hope you will enjoy it.


  • Hello everybody! I just downloaded Construct2 im planning to use it in a card / strategy game, any hint on this subject?


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  • Salutations everyone! I think that's how you spell it?..WHO KNOWS! So I'm Nick,I love gaming and drawing characters and one day wish to have a career as a concept artist (awesome stuff, right?). I also wish to get into some game development myself, and after browsing the interwebs for tutorials and introduction, I found myself on this (rather adorable and friendly) Scirra. I thought "Hey, this seems like a chill place to kick it" so here I am! (ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE...ahem...) So with that long and strange introduction, I hope you all welcome me here with open arms and I can't wait to get started seeing what everyone has to offer! (Open arms can also loosely translate to hot chocolate...just a thought

  • Hello everyone, my name is Rob and I'm from Cleveland Ohio. I am a professional developer but haven't done much with games. I've always had an interest in developing games but never seemed to get around to it. I've been researching for awhile on the different frameworks available and came across Construct2. I like what I see and can't wait to get started on learning how to use the system.

  • Hello I'm Sullivan Amaral from Brazil. I actually use Unity, but I always felt the need of a good tool for quick prototypes to a not so good programmer like me. Construct 2 seemed to be the best option so I decided to give it a try, and maybe go for the pro version in the future.

  • hello ! just purchased personal edition and want build lot of game. can you plz give some good video tutorial ?? or any resource ??

  • -snip-

  • Hi! Beep Boop.

  • Hi, I'm Duncan. I'm 17 and I don't really have much of a history with gaming other than playing LEGO Loco or LEGO Racers on my old Windows 98 (I guess I'm a PC person). Anyway, I found out about Construct 2's existance when I was browsing through the Steam store page in the learning/development section. When I saw the Steam article and the feature "No programming required" I relished with joy and decided to get into to it (Not in the Steam version of cource).

    After experimenting with the software for about 4 months I have learned the basics of it and I can't wait to finalize my first game.

    I became interested in gamemaking when I started to find a repetitive behavior in my games. Unfortunantly, since math and programming is so rage-inducingly difficult, I was starting to limit my game ideas after what I could do. Then, all of a sudden, I found Construct 2 and everything felt alot easier.

    Long story short, I'm a simple user of the free version of Construct 2 and I'm looking forward to all the future projects will I make and all the other games on the Scirra Arcade and everywhere else.

  • Hello my name is Erik, my friends call me by Spyder. I'm not really a spider but you know what i mean. ^_^

    Well, I don't really got much to say right now but if you want to know more just let me know. XD

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