The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello everyone i'm new, could you help me please

  • Hello, World!

  • Hello all, been using construct for a while now and cant wait to pump some real games out. About to go buy

  • Hi all, I'm a full time developer getting into Construct 2 in my spare time. Got a personal licence a few days ago and hopefully I can get some simple game happening soon. You can find me on the beginners forum

  • Hi!

    I'm from Leeds, UK and have been using C2 since February. Just completed my second game and looking forward to making many more!

  • hey im AJ i made some games full of swag im in college top of my gamedev peers check out my games

  • Hi All Game Developers I Am Adil From Pakistan.I Just Started Making Games Using Construct 2 And Found It Easy And Fun To Make Games.Actually I Enjoy Making Games With It Love You Construct 2

  • Hi, Johnny. 21 1/2. Dreamed of making games but was way too lazy to learn any language and when I found this godsend I bought it asap. Big dream is to be able to use the multiplayer object in Construct 2's latest update, without needing to rely on and instead allow me to host my own server which I have ready. I do rpgs but never release and/or scrap them and start from scratch. Huge fan of roguelikes and crpgs.

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  • Hello, mi name is guillermo and im a member since 1 year but i dont have the enough reputation for publish my game links (and i need the hello world badge )

  • My name is phil clobes and I'm a teenager, I have heard about this program in my school (high school) and we are working with it and I love making little games with this program and I would love to add this to my hobbies because this program is preety cool.

  • Hi

  • We are a company based in Australia who strive to create new experiences to gamer's who are tired of boring generic copies.

  • Hello all, its first time to use construct, will need all your help for making it good

  • Hi, my name is Wai and I love develop games as my hobby.

  • Hi,

    My name is Morty and i have been ghosting this forum for a while now, without posting anything. But since i'm starting to make my ios game for real, i decided to introduce myself to everyone. Good luck to everyone, see you on the forum !

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