The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone. I'm a science teacher from the states hoping to make a few educational games for my students to learn from and appreciate science. I'm hopeful this is the best way to do it. Any advice is welcome!

  • Hi my name blaze I know a lot about computer designing .

  • Hey there guys and girls I'm a student and I learned Construct 2 from my Media teacher if you can call it that he's teaching us how to work this out feel free to teach me senpais.

  • Just Hello from Finland. I use SCIRRA for developing something new.

  • Hi everyone! I will try to do something great!

  • Hellow! I'm Paul and I like to make games, apps, etc... Construct is great! :3

    Edit: Wow sweet! I have my own little page.

    Edit2: This is now "KittyLand" Dont ask me why. XD

  • NICE

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  • e tenho um grupo de testers testadoresDJT

  • Hi people, My name is Gary

  • Hi everyone! I'm Mardoch. I just release my game a few weeks ago ().

    Now I'm trying to do a game on my own with Construct 2. It's a really cool software and it change my life because I'm not a dev (I'm a graphic designer ).

    Hope to see a lot of game here!!!

  • Hi there! I just got to the SCIRRA website and i'm very exited wanting to use Construct 2! I'm actually studying Game Design and we use Unity 3D at the university... so I thought that i show try something different.

    That's a little about me so... Hi! =D

  • Hi, Name is Nahuel, Im a big fan of challenges and difficult games. Starting a MegaMan game on Construct and liked the software so far.


  • Hi, Gisle, I just read reviewes of Construct 2 and wanted to take a look.

    Looks great!

  • Hi, my name is Arvid and i just buy this personal license,

    i'm from Indonesia (SE Asia). Nice to meet you guys in this forum..

    Btw, i've been developing a game named Hungry Flapping bird and i posted in on the Arcade, please take a look if you like!

    See you guys on the other side!

  • Hola a todos,

    somos nuevos y emprendedores. Tenemos ganas de hacer buenos juegos y confiamos en esta herramienta.

    Un abrazo a todos

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