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  • Hello my name is Alex and I am from Oxnard California. I am an independent game developer. I am using 3 different programs ( Construct 2, Anime Studio Pro, Fl Studio) to create my platformer style game by the name of "Drakimas Grim Quest". It will be similar to ultimate ghosts n goblins. I'm even putting together my own website to host all of my different projects (Web Comics, Music, Videos, Games, etc.) which could be visited at

    ( ). My website and my projects are still in early development but rest assured that they will be quite the treat in good time. I am a philosopher so naturally I am open to new ideas from anybody willing to share their knowledge and wisdom with me.

  • ciao a tutti

  • Please let me know how can I open my project on construct 2 I exported my project but its not opening because its not in .capx format what should I do?

  • ibad

    You cannot re-import an exported project. Surely you still have the original project files?

    BTW. In future, you'll get a much quicker response if you post any questions in the 'How Do I' section.

  • Hi! My name is Isaac and I will be making games on here! I am Excited! I cannot wait!

  • Hello

  • Yo! Let's see what can I do with this awesome game creation tool!

  • Hello

    Looking forward to asking for lots of help with every post.

    Apologies in advance.


  • Hi, I´ve always been interested in making games since I was a boy. Now, with Construct 2 I´m finaly able to make my own game. Many thanks to Scirra for this fantastic program! Paws2000/Mats

  • hi sunny here !!!!

    come here for learning and willing to have some good team for understanding game and publishing game.

    want to join group for development, if anybody interested to have me in game, please PM me or send mail

    samblue661 gmail .com

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  • Hi ! My name's Thibaut, and I discovered Construct2 in an indie game interview video. Now it is download, and I can't wait to see how powerful it can be. Hope I'll be able to present something soon !

    Thanks again for this !

  • I'm a programer with limited imagination and an unnatural fanboy of fat cats.

  • Sup Ppl,

    New to this field and excited.

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