The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello all. New to construct and gaming. Lets see what happens!

  • Hello everyone. I've been building with Construct 2 for a few months now and have been lurking the forums, tutorials, and manual fairly regularly. I just hit a problem that I couldn't find an answer to, so here I am! I thought I had registered awhile back, but I guess not.

  • New user here, Cheers all.

  • Howdy, Cloudy here.

    New member to Construct 2, happy to be here.

  • Hello, i'm Roland I. Calipayan Jr. i just used the "Gon part" of my username cause Gon is a name of an anime character. i'm a simple minded guy and i hope we become goodfriends but i have a dark side too

  • I dream to make news for games journalists. A few games I've already done. My Sites

    Will be glad to help. Interested in other games news for journalists.

  • Bonjour! my name is Luisa Villalon, 33 age from Philippines, I'm a single mom to my 10 years old daughter

  • Hello! I am a 23 year old dude from Finland and atm I'm working as a game tester (QA) but my dream is to create games independently someday.

  • Hello!

    I'm from Brazil, just want to say that Construct 2 is the best tool for a fast game development!

    We just finished our first game and are very happy with the results!

    Thanks Scirra!

  • Hi my name is Arshes91 i like games and this is first time i came here, i hear Construct everywere and is easy to make such fangames or just an application, but im not good to use it xd.

    since im here i hope someday to create my own game with this program and there a lot users would gladly help me to make one.


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  • Hello everyone, I am a teacher in a technical midle school in Brazil, I'm teaching using MIT Scratch and intend to use other kind of game constructor, more professional.

    Truly I want to use these concepts in education of children and young.

  • Wazzup everyone? I am a sort-a-newbie to construct 2 and i always use construct 2. It is the best game maker in the world

  • Hi!

    I am pretty new to C2 but not to game development.

    I am really excited to work with this software!

  • Hi everyone. I'm a science teacher from the states hoping to make a few educational games for my students to learn from and appreciate science. I'm hopeful this is the best way to do it. Any advice is welcome!

  • Hi my name blaze I know a lot about computer designing .

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