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  • Hello Everyone!!!!

    I´m new to create a game but i will try as much as i can !!!! ^_^

  • Hi!

    I'm been around for many time and even published a tutorial, but never introduced myself. So, after reading the "forum upgrade" newsletter, I decided to be a polite man and introduce myself.

    I'm a Spanish teacher of literature, but computers were, and are, my secret vice for years. I'd like to make a educational game literature but, at this time, my only educational games are the tiny and ugly "Caballo" and a simple game about African rivers and mountains.

    I also have a small handicap: I'm color-blind and have difficulties to see the difference between green and red wavelenghts (you could consider this an advantage in case you believe the insurance company mith about red making people aggresive). That's the reason why I made a couple quick-and-dirty filters (chroma filter and plane replace filter) you can see in the filters forum.

    The third thing about me: I try to balance my computer "vice" by avoiding latest technology. So, though I program for Android, I dont have an Android phone. But soon I will be forced to improve my gadgets, since my old-fashioned no-camera, no-apps, not-even-java phone has died this week.

    Well, If you reached this point, you'll also know I am not very skilled in English, but I can write thousands of words no matter how simple the message is.

    Have a nice day!

  • Love this site

  • Hello people!

    Already passed 7 months which I saw for the first time C2 and this was the only engine that actually provided to develop a game from scratch with only logic.

    I would also like to thank the whole team for the excellent work Scirra and constant updates on the engine.

    See you there...


  • Hey, I have no knowledge of this program, just an extreme yearning to make a game somehow.

    But I've dabbled in spriting and making music so... let's do it!!!

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  • Hello to all.

    I hope to do big projects with this powerful tool, and with the help of the forum ...

  • Hi, i'm vinni!

  • [attachment=0:27kzjesn][/attachment:27kzjesn]

    Hey whats up people I'm new here I'm from the UK. And hope to make some really cool HTML5 games for my apps and also to share with everyone. Also my cousin will be helping out he goes by the name of jakeyboy2000.

  • Hi Im Trek One,

    I am 3rd Commander of the USS Phoenix NCC-00692, My interest in Construct is to make games really. Star Trek 2d games.

  • [attachment=0:zhpu7sub][/attachment:zhpu7sub]

    wazup people im jakeyboy2000 and i will be making html5 games for my apps and for you lot. hope you enjoy my games i have made a few with DubBoy on a software called scratch. there will be a link below.


    hope you enjoy mine and DubBoy's games on that when i get a better reputation there will be more links. laterz guys

  • hi people

  • what kinds of games can i create on construct 2

  • Hi, just 1 person with lots of game ideas and big dreams.

  • Greetings!

    Heard about you from Alec Frey's "I Want to Make Video Games" article on the web site.

    Just downloaded Construct 2 and stopped by to say "hi!"

  • what kinds of games can i create on construct 2


    (as long as it's 2d)

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