The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Thanks Scirra's team for this really beautiful engine and Bon Baiser de France.

  • Hello, I'm new here, I'm from Indonesia and sorry if my english is messy

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm Thomas, a game designer living in the North of France.

    I discovered Construct 2 two years ago, but I didn't take the time to really begin a game project with this software. And what a mistake !

    Now I can't stop to work with this incredible tool.

    The craziest thing is that I don't need to cooperate with a developer anymore, I can lead a complete project by myself.

    I already read many interesting posts on this forum and in the tutorials.

    See you very soon for my first released game !

  • Hello,

    I met this tool some mounth ago, and in my opnion is one of the best for game development, it has an easy interface, where the user doesnt get bored, i love this tool.

  • Hi, I'm Quincy and new to Construct. I have a small background with web development and control JS, PHP, HTML and CSS.

  • Hello brothers, alas I see the ways of construct 2

  • Hey guys. So for our schools class we are using construct 2. I was wondering How do you actually play a game? this will be a lot of help thanks

  • I love soccer and I might want to be a famous soccer player

  • Hi There, I'm new at the forum and a Beginner at this engine. I'm a graphic designer & animator looking forward to learn and make interesting things with this engine. Thanks!

  • Hello!!

    Actually I'm web developer and web designer (also illustrator), and I'm very interested in videogame, actually I'm working in my very first videogame, with C2 tecnology!! (and it's amazing!!)


    Hey guys. So for our schools class we are using construct 2. I was wondering How do you actually play a game? this will be a lot of help thanks

    You'd be better off posting questions in the 'How Do I' section, but basically, output your game as html 5 and put all the files on somewhere like Dropbox. HTML5 games cannot be ran locally (see manual).

  • I'm Fayola,

    I've been interested in game design fora while now, and just looking for tools for prototyping or actual production that can get my ideas out there in a quick and accurate manner.

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  • Hi, im qu0y, curious about this and that.

    Bought a license a while ago and I have been watching its development.

    Love the community.

    C2 ftw.

  • I officially introduce myself, the E-Mail said so^^

    I am an idiot. My left brain half is underdeveloped. I sometimes am able to think logically but mathimatically... my synapses are just not connected that way - lame excuse to sleep at math class.

    When I see a tree, I see its beauty and don't want to calculate the appromixate number of leaves.

    Sure my kind of people could never fly to the moon, we like to imagine being there and thats also cool.

    I think Construct builds a foundation for the future where you can build all possible programs in (almost) native language so no mental disability or laziness prevents you from creating interactive stuff. blah.

  • Hi, I'am Seryiza, and I Construct 2 Developer

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