The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I'm Martin and for a year ago I took the step in the gamedev world. I have programmed for some years now and right now I study App Development at a UNI in Sweden. This is the way in to the mobile game world and Construct 2 is a amazing tool! So glad that I found it. =)

  • Hello I am Carlos from Chile.

    Big videogame fan and I want to start trying making my own little game!

    Came here by searching for simple (to use) game engines and also the WiiU news caught my atention.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Howdy all - looking forward to being involved in the forum (both learning and returning) and in developing apps using C2.

    Still reviewing the development environment and docs and examples but already hooked after just one day.

    Construct is easy to understand at least for this old ex-coder who is eager to get back into the 'game'.

    However, the positive and helpful nature of this forum was the real deal closer.

    I'm upgrading to licensed version today.


  • my name is Lucas and I'm a programator >..<

    and... I no have idea how speak english

  • Hello World! I'm from Brazil, and I'm here looking for learn this great tool

  • Thanks Scirra's team for this really beautiful engine and Bon Baiser de France.

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  • Hello, I'm new here, I'm from Indonesia and sorry if my english is messy

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm Thomas, a game designer living in the North of France.

    I discovered Construct 2 two years ago, but I didn't take the time to really begin a game project with this software. And what a mistake !

    Now I can't stop to work with this incredible tool.

    The craziest thing is that I don't need to cooperate with a developer anymore, I can lead a complete project by myself.

    I already read many interesting posts on this forum and in the tutorials.

    See you very soon for my first released game !

  • Hello,

    I met this tool some mounth ago, and in my opnion is one of the best for game development, it has an easy interface, where the user doesnt get bored, i love this tool.

  • Hi, I'm Quincy and new to Construct. I have a small background with web development and control JS, PHP, HTML and CSS.

  • Hello brothers, alas I see the ways of construct 2

  • Hey guys. So for our schools class we are using construct 2. I was wondering How do you actually play a game? this will be a lot of help thanks

  • I love soccer and I might want to be a famous soccer player

  • Hi There, I'm new at the forum and a Beginner at this engine. I'm a graphic designer & animator looking forward to learn and make interesting things with this engine. Thanks!

  • Hello!!

    Actually I'm web developer and web designer (also illustrator), and I'm very interested in videogame, actually I'm working in my very first videogame, with C2 tecnology!! (and it's amazing!!)

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