The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi Guys,

    I've just signed up and so saying HELLO to you all.

    I'm 34... maybe a bit old for this community. Moreover, I have no experience at building games.

    But, having tried the free version, I was able to make my own game successfully (after the Ghost Shooter example )

    IMHO - Construct2 is a great tool to express oneself creatively and logically at the same time - Great Combo!!!

    While developing my game, I had come across many hurdles for which there were some solutions in tutorials section and also on youtube. After joining the forum I see that all the answers are here. Great community! I'm just a beginner, but will be glad to contribute in my own capacity.

    Look forward to some great interactions



  • Hi everyone,

    I've been lurking in the forums for a while and developing a C2 project in the background.

    I work in the game industry primarily on "triple A" titles, so doing something more casual on the side is a great breather for me.

    I'm really looking forward to getting more involved with the community!

  • Hi all,

    my name is , I come from Indonesia .. i want to start learning how to make games using Construct 2 .. and I hope I can learn more in this forum

  • Hellow~

    My name is Matías (Mathias), i'm a Digital Animator from Chile.

    I would love to be part of the videogame industry, my guess its that lot of you guys too.

    So let's be friends

    Portfolio >>> framematt com

    WIP Game, The Chance >>> indiedb com/games/the-chance

    If be any chance, somebody wants to contact me, please do it from my site.


    PD: Please excuse me for any grammar. º^º!

  • Hello World! My name is Torrey and I am a elementary art and high school digital arts instructor. My high school students will be using Construct 2 in the Fall of 2014.

  • Greetings from far and cold Russia.

    Name's Kostya, I'm a second-year student learning about networks and programming. And my hobby is - yeah, right - making bad games with Construct Classic / 2. I hope this site will help me with making them not so bad.

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  • Hi,

    my name wahyu from indonesia. I've been officially as indie developer and know focusing make apps and game.

    For game builder i usually use unity3D, and know i am working a game using construct 2.

  • Hi guys,

    Im a new bie on game development (I just quitted my job to bootstrap my game business, but I already make some money from non-games apps), I just temporarily give up on Unity (its powerful but takes to much times and I dont need it all those features) and now focusing on C2 as a viable solution to make simple game easily.

    My idea is to create HTML5 simple games (one game a week maybe?) convert them to iOS and sell them on Appstore.

    Im looking also for partnership and collaboration, so in case feel free to contact me and let me know!


  • Hello everybody!

    I'm an indie game designer who lives in an island call Florianópolis (Brazil).

    If you want to see my work, please go to: www[dot] jands [dot] biz


  • Hello!

    I am a concept artist, worked as a game artist for quite a few years now. I have a little understanding for programming.

    This unbelievable tool made my work easiest.


  • Hi there. This is the official account for the company I'm working at. They will be purchasing the full license and most company related development issues will be posted trough here.


    wil be kept as my personal account for my own development.

    Grats on 1Million downloads Construct 2 !

  • Hola, I am Peter. Born and raised in Amsterdam. From early one always been doodling and drawing and playing with computers. Nothing fancy, but now I have discovered Construct2 I can go back to my true passion...playing games and designing them. Never was a real code junky, so now I don't have to code that much it made my life much more easier

  • hello

  • I'm Martin and for a year ago I took the step in the gamedev world. I have programmed for some years now and right now I study App Development at a UNI in Sweden. This is the way in to the mobile game world and Construct 2 is a amazing tool! So glad that I found it. =)

  • Hello I am Carlos from Chile.

    Big videogame fan and I want to start trying making my own little game!

    Came here by searching for simple (to use) game engines and also the WiiU news caught my atention.

    Good luck to everyone!

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