The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My name is Nate and I put in quite a bit of research before finally deciding to throw my lot in with Construct2. I checked out Stencyl extensively, even waiting until 3.0 was live, but the interface, logic, and overall presentation with C2 just made more sense to me.

    I'm very interested in making simple games that appeal to casual players or kids. I always like the motto of no wrong answer, so users can just try things out until it works (never frustrating, hopefully).

    I'm trying to finish up my first C2 game later this month built around sounds and how we pronounce certain words or phrases. Just hoping I can get that one done and under my belt before attempting other things.

    I love the plugins that others have taken the time to create here:

    Look forward to checking out your games and creations, as well as seeking your advice on mechanics.

  • Hey all, just a fellow guy passing

  • Greetings! Welcome to IzeyGamz!

    Current games:

    .Dino Jump (Not yet posted)

    .Knight Quest (in progress)

    I hope you enjoy my games (that will be coming soon!)

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  • Hello Everyone!

    Construct 2 is so addictive it should be illegal. Fortunately it's not.

    Happy Building All!

    PS: Feel free to look at my profile so that I can get another badge. TIA


  • im 11! and construct 2 is much better than Stencyl and Tululoo! check out my flappy bird clone here: ... appin-game

  • Over 2700 posts in this!

    My name is Eldon. Little thing about me, I make graphics for games. I wanted to say how excited I am to say that my life would be completely useless without game engines like Construct 2. I have this project I'll tell you about in a few days. With Construct 2 and my project, you can take over the world one piece at a time by making awesome games. Stay tuned.

  • I'm Hugo. I am 12 years old, have four apps on the Windows App Store, and enjoy playing ice hockey and paintball. I also like tennis and hanging with friends.

  • Hello, I'm a new game creator and I like to create games. For now I just create simple 2D platform or puzzle games.

  • Hello, Turbo bug arcade game. Try it.

  • Hello!!!

  • Hello everyone!! We are Valhalla Infinite

    Valhalla Infinite is an indie videogame developing brotherhood formed by MaeseBroli and Renio (yeah, we’re blood brothers in the real life!), our goal is to become into one of the most recognized group in the indie developing industry.

    We were born playing videogames and grew up with them, enjoying every aspect of them and recognizing the design of videogames as a form of art, as some of you do. We decided to take this step to share with the world the materialization of our dreams.

    Visit us at

  • Just found this website by accident and it looks promising. So much cheaper than GameSalad and way better for 2D games than Unity. I know some people are like "Unity is ONLY for 3D" .... FAIL! Unity can be anything, but it's designed for 3D. I will try this out, if it works easier than GameSalad (especially at the publishing stage) then I will be moving over to this and purchasing a license soon.

  • Ah man! I wish the ZAR exchange rate was better so I can buy a license...

  • Hi My name is Rene.

    I grew up with the big N. Still remember that i learned to play with the game of Kirby.

    I'm a programer with unlimited imagination and an unnatural fanboy of fat cats. I have the ability to look through windows during daytime. My massive laziness is only compared to the mightiness of a guayaba.

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