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  • Hi,

    Android dev looking into new technologies.

    I've been using Construct 2 for a few months now. I bought it on Steam (so no gold badge for me ) and have been using it for just basic things. I've done a few tutorials etc.

    I'm actually really curious about its non-game abilities. It might be overkill, but still, I'm sure you could create a normal, cross platform, app if you wanted.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing what I can do with Construct 2 in the future.

  • Hello there. About time I surfaced. I'm currently using Construct 2 to re-program my 90's game Slightly Magic (popular in the UK) for as many platforms as possible. The game's looking good, and I think I might complete the Slightly trilogy on Construct.

  • colin Jones

    Just looked it up at Amiga Hall of Light. Looks fun.

  • Thanks! I'm using the original Spectrum 8bit graphics, so it'll be a little more retro.

  • Howdy everyone!

    I'm a frontend web developer my specialty is on usability and accessibility. We have some game projects here at work and I have gladly volunteered to help code some of them.

    I'm looking forward to creating some fun stuff.

    Kind Regards,

    Betty Cortez

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Josep from Barcelona, I've been using Construct for a week and I must confess that I fall in love with it

    I like think ideas for games and with my son we try to create a great one


    Josep M and Arnau

  • Hi, i'm a graphic designer, i want to make wide range of apps with construct.

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm a guy from Italy who started creating videogames just for fun. Now it became a passion and creating a game is more like a personal challenge. I work mainly alone helped sometimes by friends.

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  • Hey Guys, my name is Sho.

    I'm an artist, photographer and web designer.

    I've always had a passion for animation and game design.

    Just recently realising the potential of the time period we're living in it seems suddenly everything is coming together.

    In the past I'd spend ages researching and/or learning software only to stumble at a price tag on software or find that gap in knowledge when trying to learn software/technique now it all seems to have fallen into place.

    Having had the Adobe CC for a while now and getting some free time to work on personal projects I turned back to the idea of game making and got stuck back into flash - digging out old files to rinse of code I cobbled something together and went to package it as an app to find it needed to be AS 3 not 2.

    Well, I'm not a great programmer or owt, used to just hacking up snippets and bodging the best I can when I do JS or PHP for myself so I was off on youtube researching the AS3 stuff when I came across this.

    It's been about six weeks of pure joy.

    This seems like the perfect tool for my needs.

    It's also very intuative in a way where just plain code would maybe stump me this seems to flow better from my own vague idea of how 'stuff' should work. When I do get stumped the manual, forum or tutorials generally have the answer.

    Fantastic. This is where Stencyl fell short for me as when I got that - [ no idea what it's like now and I don't care ] I just couldn't get any answers. It seemed there where no videos or documentation to ease you up the learning curve.

    With this I've been making prototypes and testing game mechanics every day since purchase.

    A purchase I was happy to make - what a fantastic price!

    I hope I make some money out of this just to through some more at the awesome guys who came up with this software!

    Good Job Guys (^_^)

    Hope to have some demos out soon for you guys to check out so in the mean time, thanks to the guys at C2, everyone who has written a tut' or posted on youtube and all the guys still living to make great games!

    Cheers, Sho.

  • Hello community. My name is Joey. I'm a graphic designer by trade and a game design hobbyist. I've always wanted to make games but I live in an area that is devoid of game design jobs and communities. I don't have a programming background, but I do understand the logic from teaching myself web design and working with BASIC WAAAAAAAY back when, so C2 is perfect for me. I'm working on a metroidvania/rpg hybrid that I hope comes to fruition, and I plan on posting regular updates to these forums. If you're into that kind of thing, follow the project and give feedback whenever applicable.

  • Hello!

    My name is Kalynn. I found out about Construct in January, as we use it in my class. I love the idea of being one of the voices behind something as intricate as games!!! I plan on (hopefully) finding my place in the gaming industry after college!

    That's about it

  • Hi,

    My name is Jacob and I do love all types of games (videogames, card games, board games, you name it), but I'm more of a creator now than a player I have to admit.

    I've made a few games before over the years, even have an indie game on XBOX under my small side business PsycheWard. (but I'm mad at Microsoft! they've really buried the indie game portion of XBOX LIVE after they created it!)

    I've been looking for a way to balance everything in life with making games and Construct2 looks to be a great answer. I've worked with other such programs, like Game Maker, but it gave me headache after headache and I have to say I love the logical thought process behind C2...absolutely love it!

    I'm really loving the whole idea of HTML5 programming and it's future...I want to be a part of that! I can really see it's potential with cross platform development. I've looked into other HTML5 environments, like the Intel XDK and I have to say C2 is by far much more desirable, intuitive, and much less of a headache than the rest.

    I'm a product developer and I'd love to share some ideas that could really make C2 more powerful and user friendly. I happen to have a programming degree, as well as a degree in communication and mechanics. For example, being a programmer and using C2 for the first time I was looking to change the image of the button form control, but I couldn't. So then, thinking like a programmer I tried to make the button invisible and then place it over a picture, but that didn't work either. Once you make it invisible it also becomes disabled. So I ended up just creating a button picture. C2 is great, but the more intuitive and powerful it is the more people will be drawn to it.

    I have to say I love the manual and all the time they've spent in making it very clear and straightforward. Some of the best manual writing I've seen. (The absolute worst is the massive Windows development book I have from college.)

    So, I'm looking to make a ton of games now in my free time...

    I love to talk anything geek so feel free to message. I'd also like to meetup or chat with any C2 developers in the Midwest!


  • hello everyone!

    i have been looking at construct 2 for some time, visiting the website, looking at some tutorials, and ended up working on a game with it at the global game jam. had a really positive experience with it, so started to think about using it as alternative for smaller 2d projects.

    i currently work, and have been for the last few years with unity3d. so construct 2 definitely seems like a more "have fun" kind of development for a non programmer.

    im currently working in

    a story/adventure game inspired by old point and click games mixed with basic 2d platform mechanics and a 3d environment.

    im hoping to finish it by the end of april.

    after that ill probably start playing a bit more with construct 2, and hopefully use it in my next project!

  • Hi all

  • My name is Nate and I put in quite a bit of research before finally deciding to throw my lot in with Construct2. I checked out Stencyl extensively, even waiting until 3.0 was live, but the interface, logic, and overall presentation with C2 just made more sense to me.

    I'm very interested in making simple games that appeal to casual players or kids. I always like the motto of no wrong answer, so users can just try things out until it works (never frustrating, hopefully).

    I'm trying to finish up my first C2 game later this month built around sounds and how we pronounce certain words or phrases. Just hoping I can get that one done and under my belt before attempting other things.

    I love the plugins that others have taken the time to create here:

    Look forward to checking out your games and creations, as well as seeking your advice on mechanics.

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