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  • well...hi!

    i've been around for months, but i'm not really the forum-type of guy.

    just reading, and learning.

    that's my main goal in the way i live.

    therefore, i once started learning Photography, Film, Video Editing, graphic design, Programming, marketing, and, GameDesign.

    i've played Games since i was about 3 years old (or as long as i can remember for that matter)

    NES, Mario Bros 2. and it all started with some little secret area i just found.

    while i was innocently exploring this world, i heard my parents say something in the lines of: "what's this?" , or: "How the hell did he get here?!?"

    i realized that this. is not a movie.

    I discovered something, something that was unique, nobody else experienced it like this.

    hooked for life <3

    i currently own most consoles/handhelds from 1989-Present.

    my personal Jewels in this collection however, is the PS1 stuff.

    i'm slowly but sure going for 100 Playstations1's to own at the same time. currently on 9 PSX's & 2 PsOnes.

    Favorite Game of all time: FFIX - PSX

    Favorite Game-Series: The Legend Of Zelda

    sorry for this unusual way of saying "hello"

    that's just my way.

    i won't be active a lot, like mentioned earlier.

    i do plan on sharing whatever i created & How in the future.

    for now. Continue work on the C2 Project!

    ....C2 <3....

  • Just learning.

  • Sounds like you are doing a bit of everything, welcome to the forum Anonynoise =)

  • Hi!

    I would like to introduce myself. I'm a begginner programmer passionate about creating games and simulations for web and devices.

    Construct 2 has provided my a lot of very interesting features which are able to improve my workflow (and enjoyment)

    Proud to be part of this forum!

  • Hello I new here my name is Jack and I'm from Macedonia. I love Scirra software and I want to make my dream come true with Construct 2.

    Great job! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • This is Chris, a programmer with Jet Set Games. We are primarily an iOS/Unity development house, but we do some contract work for various other major studios/publishers, and we are evaluating Construct2 for such a project. (Can't give details because of NDA, unfortunately)

    So far, Construct2 is meeting all of our requirements, and I am hopeful we will be getting some commercial licenses soon.

  • I am Richard, 2d artist and animator.

    im here to learn Construct 2 and to find a job.

    if you are interested to work with me or be a part of your team

    send me a message in skype.

    skype: richard.manalang9

    here are some of my works

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  • Hi there,

    I am Rushino. I am coming from Multimedia Fusion 2 and others programming tools such Monkey and doing a lots of C# and VB.NET as primary job. I am more Web oriented. Ive got a new project and i didn't wanted to code it lines by lines of code this time and i found Multimedia Fusion 2 to be a bit bothersome for the tasks i needed to do (not that this software is bad.. its good but this is probably not the right tool for the right job but there also others reasons i won't mention since this is not a debate :)) and i wanted a software that taking a more coding oriented approach while being easy to use so i can save time overall. Coding all by hand is nice but can take way more time especially for the HUD thing and interfaces so a drag and drop stuff is nice to have for this... That alway depend of the scenario but i prefer take the right tool for the right job so that why i am here. Ive done some projects around but was aiming too big all the time. Now i just want to try something new.. a simple prototype of some idea ive got. Won't give any details at this time but this is going to be cool. If i even get this prototype working the way i want i will go further.. i see this as a first objective. Ive got the free version but i intend of buying it if i achieve my goal.

    Thanks for listening :)

  • Hello!

    I'm here to hopefully learn how to make some games and try new things! Excited to be a part of all of this! I have some experience as a gamer and happen to have a lot of experience doing voice work.

    In any case, I hope to learn more as I move forward!

  • Hi all,

    I am not a professional game programmer, but I'm excited about learning Construct 2's possibilites. Check out my two tutorials I've published recently :-)

    Greetings from Germany

  • Hello World!

    I'm a designer and front-end-developer from Munich.

    I made my first little game earlier this year:

    I made it without any engines or plugins, just plain JS. I wanted to see If I could hack together a simple game with one level.

    After that I was looking for an engine to use for a better and more interesting version of the game.

    I found the game and found out that it has been made with Construct2 so I decided to give it a shot.

    Right now I'm rebuilding the game I made before and I'm very happy with my purchase!



  • Well, hello world.

    Just found this beautiful program from a friend of mine- so hopefully it will work really well for what I want to use it for: which is my college capstone project! It's narrative based, so I hope that this will be a good medium!

  • Hello! i'm brazilian programmer, that found Construct and wanna buy some games for fun!

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