The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey people, the name's phillip, I hail from Chile, that long lost piece of land on south america, and I find myself already diggin' the forum's archives to solve the many questions I see myself asking regarding development. I think that's a good sign actually...

    anyway, proyecting seems to be what people does the most, but taking the next step is the hard part and I believe I'll get the tools needed by stayin' here and asking as much as possible.

  • Wow... some people in here have such wonderful back stories! I'm afraid I'm not going to live up to such introductions. Actually, I know I'm not going to, so I guess I'll just jump into my lame intro now. :)

    Hi, my name is Anthony and I live in Central Florida. That means that whenever the wind blows, we get terrible rain and we lose power. That's not especially fun for me since I'm a techno geek!

    I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600, and my favorite game from that time is most definitely a game called Adventure! Castles, keys, swords, dragons, bats... this game had it all and had me hooked! Then the NES came along and gave me The Legend of Zelda and I never looked back! Gamer for Life!

    So here I am many years later and looking forward to the possibility of contributing to a hobby that has kept me company and kept me sane throughout my life!

    I look forward to sharing and learning all that I can here.

    End of Line.

  • Hi my name is Olivier. I'm french, I live in belgium. I started working as a web developer for 4 years but then I moved on working as full time 3d modeler. I work on animated films, TV series and video games as well.

    About two years ago I started working on my own 2d game in C++, from scratch, old school adventure. I had made some decent progress, I had a small prototype running but never had the time and motivation to develop the tools to actually create the game content. That's why I decide to switch to construct, which allow me to focus more on the creative part.

  • Hi guys !

    Im new here, just starting out with game development and such, so please forgive me if I ask too many questions.

    I can already see that there are some fantastic tutorials available, many of which I have been testing already !

    Keep up the great work <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello there,

    I'm very excited to create new games and get them published on many platforms!

    Douglas Ponciano

  • <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey :)

    I am a student of game design & developament. I found construct2 pretty nice and I already made a few games and some protoypes.


  • Just found out about Construct2 over the summer, have been teaching Elementary school kids (and my own kids) how to create games with it. They LOVE it!

  • Hello !

    I'm work with software development. I love play games and i'd like to make some.

    I'll study Construct 2 to make games.

  • Hello, I am Nicholas Miller im a Transloader Operater at North Dakota Port service loading and off loading trains of all kinds of stuff. I played games since i was 3 and starting to work on my project on construct classic and i do have construct 2 as well. I been planning on my game over a year but did not get much done cuz i tried on Multimedia fusion 2 and I am really bad working with code.

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  • Hi All, I am beginner to game development. I love games

  • I guess this is in the right place, so i'll introduce myself.

    I have just signed up for a new account with Scirra, I've gone through the intro to the game making process, and created my first game with that info, and it works! I've been learning HTML and CSS to make web pages for about 3 years, have created my own website. If anyone wants the address i'll give it to you in a reply, if you wish. The Construct 2 program will make making games a lot easier than trying to type out all the code that's necessary to create even the simplest of games. It will definitely take some time and a lot of practise to learn the process, but i'm looking forward with great excitement to learning this massive program.

    I don't really remember how i came across Scirra's website and the Construct 2 program.

  • i signed up for new account

  • Halo :D

  • I've been at this forum for a bit now (just never really introduced myself) and released my first game "Galaxy Aggression" under Construct2 back in August. I'm not going anywhere and hope to increase my knowledge of Construct 2 as time progresses. Thank you Scirra for this great piece of software!

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