The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone,

    I always love to make game, i also good at graphic design. And i will start my carrer from here.

    See you later!

  • Hey, I've been developing for a while. I've been a game designer, programmer, and producer. I purchased Construct2 for way to reduce production time and quickly express demos.

  • hello how do i learn to use Construct2 ?

  • i rock<font color=orange></font>

  • hello how do i learn to use Construct2 ?

    you read, listen and watch

    have fun =)

  • Hello all!

    I'm brand new to game development, though I've been fleshing out a pretty complex RPG/Sidescrolling beat 'em up for around a year. I've finally gotten around to move beyond the ideas stage, and am beginning to compile some assets and work a little bit on the programming/execution end of it.

    I've found many of the posts and tutorials on here extremely useful and helpful, but I have a few questions I'd like to ask, so I'll be posting those in the proper threads!

    I'm excited to be communicating with you all!

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  • Hi my name is Javier, and I'm from Mexico City.

    I made apps in native SDK Android, Windows Phone.

    Visit my web page:

  • Hey Folks,

    Just purchased C2 after a lot of research, and found this forum. I 'm eager to join the fun and collect some experience from all.

    One of the first comments I always receive about my profile is: "What's the Girly Icon all about?" Well, this Avatar is a cute picture of my wife I drew during our first year ... 35 years later it is my mascot for all my gaming endeavors. Happy 35th Anniversary (to the same woman) to me!! Love you Nina!

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  • well...hi!

    i've been around for months, but i'm not really the forum-type of guy.

    just reading, and learning.

    that's my main goal in the way i live.

    therefore, i once started learning Photography, Film, Video Editing, graphic design, Programming, marketing, and, GameDesign.

    i've played Games since i was about 3 years old (or as long as i can remember for that matter)

    NES, Mario Bros 2. and it all started with some little secret area i just found.

    while i was innocently exploring this world, i heard my parents say something in the lines of: "what's this?" , or: "How the hell did he get here?!?"

    i realized that this. is not a movie.

    I discovered something, something that was unique, nobody else experienced it like this.

    hooked for life <3

    i currently own most consoles/handhelds from 1989-Present.

    my personal Jewels in this collection however, is the PS1 stuff.

    i'm slowly but sure going for 100 Playstations1's to own at the same time. currently on 9 PSX's & 2 PsOnes.

    Favorite Game of all time: FFIX - PSX

    Favorite Game-Series: The Legend Of Zelda

    sorry for this unusual way of saying "hello"

    that's just my way.

    i won't be active a lot, like mentioned earlier.

    i do plan on sharing whatever i created & How in the future.

    for now. Continue work on the C2 Project!

    ....C2 <3....

  • Just learning.

  • Sounds like you are doing a bit of everything, welcome to the forum Anonynoise =)

  • Hi!

    I would like to introduce myself. I'm a begginner programmer passionate about creating games and simulations for web and devices.

    Construct 2 has provided my a lot of very interesting features which are able to improve my workflow (and enjoyment)

    Proud to be part of this forum!

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