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  • Hello, my name is Bruno, I currently live in Portugal and I am 22 years old, about to make 23 this October.

    Ever since I was young I was fascinated with video games, Super Mario being my childhood idol and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 my favourite character of all time.

    Gaming is currently my main hobby at the moment, it moves me away from reality and into a world I'd like to live into, just like a good roleplay does, and yes I do roleplay but not alot since I can't find good people to do that in the sites I roleplay. The main reason gaming is my hobby and an addiction is because of past events, both happy and dreadfull, but the latter had most of the impact. I also draw, but I am loosing my touch, I used to draw during school in English classes and still got excelent grades, but now with work and my deep desire to feed my gaming addiction I have been finding little time to draw, but I'm fixing that as I grow older.

    A few years back I also had that feeling that I should make a game that I would love to see happen. I love strategy games like Starcraft 2 and classical platformers like Super Mario, but something was missing in me. So I tryed and tryed everything I could, but ended up giving up, maybe I just didn't had the patience or I couldn't quite grasp the knowladge in such an early age. This January I found about Construct 2, and boy was this a good treasure to find!

    I had a great experience using the free edition, and the idea for the perfect game popped up recently, but being with a free edition was no good for me since it would be a very big project overall, which is why I bought the program a few days back.

    The experience of being able to develop a game means alot to me, I can bring my idea to life thanks to the helpfull community that Scirra has, which is a reason to making an account here, to be able to thank them for helping me bring my project close to completion (Even though it's still going to be a looooooong way).

    Tho recently I've been traveling with work so I couldn't work on my project, it's still a very basic platformer with cubes all around, but my girlfriend offered her help with the art, she is great at drawing and she would love to practise pixelated art, which is the main art theme for my project.

    As life goes, my job is close to an end due to crisis, I have the possibility to stick to it from a year to 3 more if I am lucky, though if not I might simply move out of country to find better oportunities, since Portugal is being ruined every day.

    I hope everyone has a great experience just like I'm feeling with this wonderfull and easy to use program, and thank you for reading my introduction!

  • Hi , i just wanna know ......

    am i allowed to display the games i made with construct 2 free version on my non profit website ?

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  • Hi , i just wanna know ......

    am i allowed to display the games i made with construct 2 free version on my non profit website ?

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    I'm not sure if that question is good here, but I'd say you can, because the game you made is technicaly yours and you can do them for non-profit afterall.

  • Hello to all.

    Looking forward to learning some new stuff. Construct 2 looks very interesting indeed.


  • thank you very much. :-)

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  • hi I am new, heard for this website/project from newspaper in Serbia and decided to join and try to learn as much as I can about game developing.

    If you have some pointers, pls feel free to reply ;)

    Gonna go and find quiet thread about first steps, see you later :)

  • Whatsup everyone! ! Im new here and I just want to say hi! Construct 2 is the best software ever!

  • Hi Construct community, I found about Construct 2 a few days ago. I thought it looked great and I made an account today. I will likely purchase the personal edition tomorrow.

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  • I am a new user costruct 2 "personal license"

    My name is Giuseppe I deal with CG for about 6 years, 3d and 2d.

    Sw I prefer and use are for 3d: Blender, 3dcoat, zbrush, for the 2d: Spriter and souls study.

    If you want to take a look at some of my personal work you can visit my Site

    I'm working on a project for a video game in 3d with unity, and d apoco I finished a game in game maker that will be released in the market in the month July.

    All that remains is to share my passion with you.

    Sorry for my english

  • Hello everyone!

    Very new to user to Construct 2 personal license. I mostly program in C# for Windows/ Windows Store. Love playing video games. Construct 2 is easy to learn, and to make 2d games. I have used Unity3d in the past. I am enjoying Construct 2, and ready to make some games!


  • Hello. I have some interests and ideas about arcade games but there was no way to realize it. After my meeting C2, my hobby changed from playing game to making game. I'm really enjoying this. Thanks, Team Scirra!

  • Hi, I'm Chris and I'm starting on the path of learning game design and hope to start my own indie game business soon. I'm interested in learning Construct 2 to use for prototyping my ideas and look forward to becoming apart of the Construct community.

  • Hello everybody. My name is Tiago Gustavo, and I would like to get some basic knowlege of making my own games. I hope you can help me.

  • Hi all, I'm Zon, and I really want to make games. I just started learning to code, but I have better art skills at present. Love working with people and am a member of the LA gamespace.

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