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  • Hello

    i have been playing since my childhood and now i want to start to make some simple games on my own so i wanted to join your community to see if it fits to me :)

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  • I'm Anthony!

  • Hi all! Looking forward to having fun with Construct :)

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  • Hello, I am a Windows 8 app developer. Check out my apps here:

  • hello every1, let's get started with this...

  • Hello, I'm Erfeo.

  • Hello!, �Hola!

    I love videogames!!

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  • Hi,

    This is Anam and I live in London. Just registered in this forum for some good advise and suggestions and to have some fun.



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  • Hi

    Im tumira, a novice Indie game developer. :)

    I've been evaluate a lot of HTML5 game engines these past few months, and it turns out Construct 2 is leading the pact.

    Now im focusing on developing my games. So I hope all the sifu and gurus here can help me achieve my goals in finishing my games.


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  • Hello everyone! I am excited to give Construct 2 a try. I am looking forward to making platforming games as well as other mix and match ones. Lets hope the first one goes well. I hope to see you guys around the forums and to see your work sometime!

  • <font size="4"><font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Hi there ! I am Hadzy (Elafreat) I am a 14 years old teenager who loves to make games. I am the owner of PandaJet Games.

    Construct 2 FREE edition was the best free game engine i have ever used. That's all .. Cya around the forums ..</font></font>

  • Sup All!

    Looking forward to checking out Construct 2 and it's FB plugin.

    Hope to get some good info and tricks from you vets.

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