The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey! What's up?

    My name is Keith and I am (kind of?) an artist. I draw a whole bunch and decided to start implementing some of that into my other passion... Video Games!!!

    I'm currently working on what I have started calling a "Prank Call Simulator" which I hope to post on the Scirra arcade once I'm done with it. I'll post some pictures of it in the Your Creations forum once It's ready!

    Everyone here seems super nice and accommodating so I look forward to getting to know you all!

  • Well, I wasn't expecting to be taken straight away to the "Official Introduce Yourself Thread," but so long as I'm here, might as well introduce myself.

    Howdy, y'all, I'm Xenos, most people call me X or Markus (long story, details elude me). I'm a college age fella, in the simulation and game dev program at the local community joint (along with my wife and best mate). Our PLAN (after taking next semester off, because heck, it's murder on my work life) is to hit up the college a town or two over, as they've the better program, and offer the whole thing online.

    Found this program looking for quick-to-learn 2D game engines in a similar vein of GM/MMF that sort of thing. This'n looked to be about the best for what I'm wanting to do, so I figured I'd snag the free version, try and make something, and maybe upgrade later, if it does in fact do what I want it to do.

    So, some about me-I am NOT an artist. I suck at all things art related, so nine out of ten, I find "Free to use/Give Credit" resources, or source an artist friend to hook me up with sprites. Currently, I'm using the works of SithJester, quite amazing art that. It'll work for what I'm wanting to do over the next few weeks.

    I AM a musician. Not a game score type guy (although I'm working my way towards that, and have PLENTY of gear for it), but more of a rock/metal/folk/jazz kind of guy. I recently came into possession of a wonderful synth/keyboard, and plan to put it to good use.

    I am SOMEWHAT of a writer. I can come up with stories, plots, characters, you name it, I've probably written it at one point in time or another. My strong point is history. I can create worlds with the best of 'em.

    What kind of games I'm into, you ask?

    Algorithmic Shooters, Top Down, RPG, that sort of thing (2D), FPSs, RPGs, Adventure (3D). I am CURRENTLY working on a Top Down Adventure/RPG with Algorithmic Shooter Elements (it has no name). I would LIKE to eventually get funding to produce it for Sega Genesis, ala Pier Solar (a new Genesis game-weird, I know), and possibly have a port for XBLA/PS3whateverit'scalledtheyhavegamesfor.

    Anyway, I figure that's plenty-a-dern-nuff about me for now, I'm going to do my usual thing of lurking like a sneaky ninja!

  • Hello Contruct 2 gamemakers,

    I'm shoot1510, but many people me Ariel, cause thats my real name. I like creating video games. My favorites are Platformer and plane shooting games. I am an experienced coder in C#/Visual Basic/HTML/Python/Lua. I used to use Stencyl as my gamemaker. But because of its limits, I made my switch to Construct 2, when I randomly found it on google. I love how its interface is designed like Visual Studio.

    My first Stencyl game I created: Mambo & Friends

    My first Construct 2 game: Blocky the Platformer

    I am very amazed at the graphics with HTML5, and how easy it is. The only problem that I have to face myself is that I need to get better at drawing, because I suck at it.

  • Heya :]

    Name's Oskar, but I go by Ozzmaniah or EazyO online.

    I'm an architecture student from Slovenia. I like creating and tinkering with things, small and large. Just bought a license, 'cause I'm working on a project for school, due in a month and the free edition won't cut it. And anyway, I've always wanted to make more games, so this should be great. Fingers crossed, anyway.

    I've started poking around computer games way back on my Atari 2600 Jr. and eventually moved onto the mighty 386 PC and Game Boy. I've managed to modernise my hardware a bit since then, but not by as much as I'd like. But then, who did? :]

    As far as gaming goes, my choice are always classic RPGs. If you make 'em post-apoc, even better. Fallout2 reigns supreme in my mind. My guilty pleasure are driving sims and my lil' brother has me hooked on Gran Turismo, though honestly I prefer rFactor, Richard Burns Rally or, for multiplayer mayhem, Flatout. In all honesty though, I mostly play Heroes of Newerth these days. I don't even know why. Used to say I'm not even gonna bother with MOBAs.

    I've worked on a game with my then girlfriend and her now current boyfriend (let this be a lesson to ya'll):

    I made this silly point&click adventure one day while bored at Cyberpipe/Kiberpipa:

    Had a tiny bit of a hand in making of FOnline and Planeshift, as well as some projects that never took off at all.

    I've had some earlier experience with game making back in the day, starting in elementary school with Click&Play/Create and Gamemaker. Good times. Though mostly I've been modding existing stuff; Quake 2, GeneRally, Liero, Need For Speed III, Age of Empires I/II, Sudden Strike II, Richard Burns Rally, Live For Speed...

    I do believe that about covers it...

    See ya on the boards :]

    P.S.: If anyone has use for anything I might be good at, shoot me a message. I'm drowning in schoolwork, but a man has to eat, so I'm open to commissions and what not.

  • I used to use Stencyl as my gamemaker. But because of its limits, I made my switch to Construct 2...

    Hey me too! :D

  • Hello!

    This is my first post on the forums. I've taken part in the latest Ludum Dare and had a lot of fun creating this unfinished game with Construct 2 :D:

    I am now trying to make a small game to include in my portfolio as I wish to take a Game Designer course. I'll try to think and make some posts of my progress on this forum :).


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  • Hello All,

    My name is Michael and I have been instructed to introduce myself haha. I joined the forum in hopes to starting my game designer career and meeting some new people with fresh ideas and possibly some team members.

    Seeing as how I am new here I will try my best to look up all questions first and be somewhat active before I start asking questions <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I'm currently working on my second game idea because I hit a road block in my first and was in a funk for a while so I brainstormed for an hour and came up with a quick not as epic game to see what I could do. After a ton of research I stumbled upon Construct 2 and saw the community was pretty great for newbie to veterans so here I am.

    It's nice to meet you all and I'll see you on the boards.


  • Hey Everyone,

    Construct is awesome and I can't wait to produce my first full game. I've only bee experimenting up until now.

    I spend most of my free time these days trying to think up cool ideas for games and reading the Construct manual/forums trying to understand how I'd make them.

    I'm amazingly impressed with the community here and look forward to being part of it.



  • Hi,

    I'm looking to use Construct 2 with upper primary students as a way of engaging them in CS generally.

    It all looks very promising so far!

    One question: can anyone point me to any existing lesson sequences (tutorial style) which I may be able to base my lessons on? The only tutorials I can see are the online ones, which I am sure are fine, but I was just wondering if there are already Word/PDF-based ones which make it easier to edit and distribute for students.



  • I hi my mame is Shania Areuna Mosley SAM stands for my initinals and i love to create things, im in the 8th grade at bolton edwards middle school. <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • i need construct to making game easily but i confuse how i to get unlimited events & layout in free edition

  • Hello my name is Said. I am from Russia. I am 9 years old. At the moment I'm using Construct 2 or rather I use it for 8 months. Well vopschem open Construct 1 has created an RPG game run look out error text was about the Error loading "APPBLOCK" (1813). Please help to get rid of this error.

  • Hi, i am Gregorio, a 3d artist and videogame developer from Argentina.

  • hello people :)

  • Hello everyone :) Just introducing myself, I'm Sara, 2D game artist and i'm trying to learn construct 2 so I can "code" games by myself.

    I'll probably stick around here with questions and such as i'm doing those construct tutorials :)

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