The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello, I know my account is kinda old, but I never introduced myself and use this forum before (Why? I don't know)

    I'm a french guy (yes, guy, I know "Aphrodite", the female character, but still a guy)

    When I was a kid, I had already a pretty good collections of video games (Master system and NES, later, I owned a Game Boy Color), but weirdly enough, I know games, but don't enjoy them as I could, but I like how they are made, After many tries to learn a language (and fails because of some problems of mine), I turned into some alternatives, they had their advantages, but nothing I really was "into".

    Later, while playing a certain game, Kyat told me about Construct 2,

    and I really liked it, That is simple: I LOVE Construct 2, and after a lot of time, I finally come here, I hope I can help people, and make them happy.

  • Just Purchase Construct 2 Personal License, I'll sure make my dream game with this.

  • Hi whats up everyone? My name is The High Gamer well my avatar is anyway, that's also my name on youtube, look up "The High Gamer Reviews Skyrim" if you want to check it out. I really want to learn programming and how to make games and websites/apps and construct 2 has been a good starting point for me. I have a game I'm working on which I'll add to the arcade soon but I haven't worked on it for months and I'm up to partnering up with someone to get it finished if anyone's interested. Let's see a little about myself: I like gaming obviously (PC mostly), I'm into cooking and organic food. My obsession is coconut milk ice cream right now. I like smoking as you can see but I have a legit reason for it (IBD) and have a prescription. I'm 28. Well I guess that's about all, nice to meet you all, happy gaming or coding.

  • Hi i'm an italian guy who bought c2, and i'm happy of made it!! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi! I am a British wanna-be game developer with an especial interest in 2D games. I am working on something right now, so look out for me in the future!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm UK aspiring developer, i've yet to release anything but have previously dabbled with Game Maker.

    After trying out Construct 2 and with the recent sale on it i just had to take the plunge :)

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm Silent, from a small village just south of London, England.

    I've been looking for a system to use to build games in from some time and thought that this was the best that I've tried, so I am here to stay, I've got my ideas, got my license, just got to get the skills, right?

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm hgdiamond, and I just learned about this engine while trying to find something good to work with. So I wanted to check out this forum and hopefully meet some people that would be good to work with.

    So, hi!

  • hi im jaslyn and i like to create things so i decided to design my own game [LOL] and i now have a boyfriend at age 11 and u dont ha ha ha [:P] his name is lucas [:$] and my fav colour is blue you can find me on facebook with the name Jaslyn Baldwin thanks for listning now go away b4 i eat u for supper

  • Hi!

    My name is Melissa; I am a 26-year-old professional artist who works mainly in the games industry. I can hardly code (I know the basics of C++/Actionscript) and am hoping that this program will allow me to experiment with making games in genres that I have never had the opportunity to before.

    I love to make friends so don't be afraid to PM me if you want to chat. I'm not up for making assets for other people's games right now (I do enough of that as it is!) but always enjoy a good conversation.

  • Hey, I wanted to say hello to the Construct community. I hope to make a few games with ya guys, perhaps even compete in the game jams.

  • Hello World

  • Hey guys. I'm an artist and designer, and hopefully with e nuff work and sweat a programmer.

    Here's my portfolios for anyone who cares, openly taking commissions:



  • greetings from the rocky mountains

  • Greetings :D

    I am Arya, from Indonesia, I just purchased a personal license of construct 2, hope I can make some great games with it

    btw, is there any tutorial on how to publish to iOS and android? because I don't see an additional option in the export window, even after I purchased a license.

    be lurking this forum around :)

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