The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello people :)

  • Hello everyone :) Just introducing myself, I'm Sara, 2D game artist and i'm trying to learn construct 2 so I can "code" games by myself.

    I'll probably stick around here with questions and such as i'm doing those construct tutorials :)

  • hello !!

    I'm Budi Fajri Arzi.

    18 years old.

    I'm from Indonesia.

    I love to make games.

  • Hello. New to the forums. Downloaded the free version of construct about a week ago and already deep into a project. So yeah. That's what I got. You?

  • Hello everyone, I'm Patrick...

    I've already made a few posts on the forums so far but I haven't introduced myself properly.

    I'm a 3D Animator & Artist (primarily) but I also tackle Pixel Art. I'm here to mess around with construct and make a few decent 2d games, I really like it so far and hope to achieve a few decent playable games out of it that play well and hopefully look pretty =]

    I'm thinking of posting a tutorial a week on my YouTube channel regarding pixel art and animating it, I have not yet decided when or if I will go through with it but I will be contributing to the community and giving out a couple of free sprite packs that I'm working on, but after that I am looking to start working on a personal project, then we will see how that goes :P

    Some members here seem to have created some really great things, whether they be works in progress or fully functioning games, they're enjoyable and reek of potential... I hope to have a lot of fun working with Construct2 and I don't doubt that I will!

    Thanks for reading and Kind Regards!


  • Hello! My name is Brian and I am a Construct-aholic.

    I had no plans to program games or even look at programming games until I found Construct 2 on Steam. After a few days with the free version I went ahead and bought the personal. If my first project works out I may have to buy the professional version very quickly! Its not a game... but who says you have to use Construct 2 to make games?!

  • Hello folks!

    My name is Gabriel Ramos, a.k.a. Todd.

    I'm a game developer coming from a Unity3D background. It has been a while since I started learning Construct2 on my own. But now, my team and I are starting seriously on a project with this amazing tool!

    Hope to exchange a lot of knowledge with you guys here in the forums.


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  • Hey pals, my name's Nate / i go by Mantrakid. I've been playing with Construct for about a year now, but feel like i am ready to get into some proper face time with it. I've been following the updates of Construct 2 and am blown away at how often and in depth the updates are.

    My background is in illustration and music/sound design so I feel like video games are a very all-inclusive way to combine my creative passions together. Couple that with the fact that video games fill any shred of free time i can find.

    Anyways, looking forward to chatting with you. :)

  • Hello, I am novice in using construct 2, hope to learn more from you on constructs 2 and game design.



  • <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> hi im new

  • Hello, my name is Carlos Walter Rojas, from Colombia. Learning this wonderful program.

  • Hey everyone, I'm actually quite new to posting/writing in forums in general.

    My name is Sean. I'm a singer-songwriter from NJ, who also happens to make Video Game Music/Backround sound.

    I'm very flexible musically, & I work very well with deadlines. I'm very good about communicating, and I won't quit until you have your desired sound.

    I can do most anything you need musically/sound-wise, just let me know!   Always working & updating my sounds. Contact

  • Hello I m Bhupender Rawat (Kirosaki) i am a graphic designer.

    nice to meet yoy all great game makers and designes

  • Hello C2 community,

    i just buy C2 for fun and fast prototy game idea at start.

    But now i've start to play with i can't stop use it :)

    I'll certainly use it for my next projet.

    I just need to bench and test the mobile export to check the limit of the conversion code (coconjs, game closure, ...).

    I'm french coder (so sorry for my bad english) of 32 years (yes allready old <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ).

    I've code 3Dengine, old blitter for handless game console like the GP32, GP2x and windowsmobile, ect...

    I've restart an little website :

    and i'll add start a real dev-blog when i finish make some test and learn construct trick (event sheet is a bit special for a coder to start

    with :p)

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Michael. I am overwhelmed by all the possibilities of this software. I have a huge passion for great games and want to start making some myself!

    My goals are to make Tetris Attack-like puzzle games, maybe a pseudo-RPG game as I'm already aware C2 isn't very compatible with the RPG genre, and fantasy games in general.

    I hope to learn a lot from you guys and look forward to getting to know some of you!

    -Michael (AKA bonbonbaron)

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