The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Greetings fellow programmers, game enthusiasts, artists, and the like.

    My name is Joe, I'm the CEO and founder of an indie game development company, which is usually taken more or less seriously. Can't show you our work yet, as we are currently trying to get the domain up and running.

    I've been using Construct 2 for the past year, but only recently made an account.

    I enjoy jazz, pastries, biking, glitch hop, and in my spare time I draw silly pictures.

    I look forward to meeting the community!

  • Hi, i am from Brazil, i am a web developer, focused in wordpress and front-end. The Game Design is my passion and now my land of study.

    I hope construct my games on Construct2, help the community and make very money, lol.

    Ol� and thanks for the fish.

  • Hello, I am from Norway. I bought Construct 2 for some weeks ago, and I am very happy. I focus on making more games with Construct 2 in the future.

    -Regards HavardFB

  • Hello! I'm max, but you can call me whatever the heck you want, (it's an expression, "Whatever the heck you want" would be a rather long title don't you think?) and I love parenthetical remarks (did you guess that already?). I'm currently using construct classic because I'm bankrupt and no-one will hire a 14-year old (can't imagine why). I'm currently learning Java, and I already know some VB. Also, you might be able to tell, but I'm an American, don't judge me >.>

  • Hi all, Larry here. Kinda burnt out from working as a programmer at a large company (which will not be named), and so am looking to go into work for myself. Construct looks like a great tool so here I am =) I'm about to take the plunge into the ridiculous amount of tutorials, so hopefully I'll be able to ask non-noob questions after coming back for air.

  • Hi, Peter Shanks here (a.k.a. botheredbybees... don't ask, it's a long story, and not all that exciting)

    I've been a pretty keen computer gamer for a long time (hint: started with a brand new Apple II) - including a stint as a video game store owner (where I ran a small museum of consoles and games), and taking a computer gaming subject at Charles Sturt University.

    Mostly I work as a programmer but I also do a bit of teaching (web development and programming) and when I heard about Construct 2 I thought I'd look into it as something my students might enjoy (and as something that might be useful for creating some engaging content myself). So far I haven't been disappointed, other than the fact that I had to find a computer running windows to use it (I mostly use Linux in my day to day work. I think I'll load it into a virtual machine if it finds a place in my permanent toolset)

  • .

  • Hey,I'm Sarah or OrangeKoala.

    I've been piddling with a small group of friends on game things and thought it would be in my best interest to explore other engines than the one we were using.

    Since I am a web designer first, the fact Construct uses HTML5 interests me. This could be something I get along with very well.

  • Hi everyone ... let me introduce my self . i am Ibnu, 19 years old from Indonesia . Now ,. i was trying make a mobile game about Wayang from Indonesia. please help me if i have problem with my game. and sorry for my bad english ..

  • Hi guys! I'm Eduardo from Brazil and I'm dreaming about get into game design/development. Since it is my birthday today I decided to buy the individual license as a gift for

    Let's hope I can make my dream come true!!!

  • Hi, I'm a first year game design student. I am trying to create a Memory/Puzzle game using a 2D top-down grid with colored boxes (perhaps 8x8 or 16x16).

    I would like to create a 'layer' or an area on the screen where a 2D single outlined image of geometrical shapes(like a triangle and circle or three or more pieces outlined in a pattern) can be displayed outside of the grid area.

    The objective is to click 2 squares per attempt to uncover the correct squares and match the patterns.

    This would done with a time-clock set to a certain number.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Hi! Like many of you, I'm an aspiring game developer. I enjoy "hardcore" games and I hope to make one myself. (I've been wanting to make games ever since I started playing them as a kid. The closest I got was a text-based fighting game I wrote in BASIC.)

    I already know a bit of programming but I got into game development through GameMaker Studio. After trying out C2 though, I felt instantly more comfortable and at-home, and I knew right away that I was one step closer to releasing my first ever completed game.

    My favorite kinds of games are those that have challenging mechanics and levels that reward exploration. I also appreciate emergent gameplay vs. scripted events. And I gravitate towards games that have unique and unexpected themes, characters and environments. I hope to incorporate these elements in some way to my own games in the future.

    Anyway, good to luck to us all and I'll see you guys in the forums.

  • I just join this forum. It looks like a wonderful site. I enjoy gaming. How are you?

  • Hello

    I am just joining up, Hoping to get into using Construct. It seems like a sweet program.

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  • Hello all! Greetings from Canada! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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