The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Greetings!

    Looks like we're having fun now! Construct2 seems a lot more intuitive than Maker and Salad. I'm a pediatrician, with and art background and graduate schooling in medical informatics. Hope to make some fun games for kids and healthcare apps too.

    Peace to all.

  • Hello, my name is psyko though i'm not really crazy, just posted the link to my new game in "Your C2 Tests" it's called "Punk", i love steam punk, cyber punk and sci fi as well as fantasy games :)

  • Heyo! I was introduced to Construct 2 during last January's Global Game Jam, we ended up using it for our ridiculous bacon game Gird Up Your Loins:

    It's a pretty great tool, I'm using it for another game idea at the moment. And it's excellent for prototyping ideas quickly for larger projects too!

  • Hello. My name is Tony. Been playing games since the SNES.

    I became interested in making games upon hearing of RPG Maker 95 when I was about 9. I went through a lot of trouble to find it hah. I worked with RPG Maker 2000, 2003 and XP. I was a regular at the now defunct (and for a short time the webmaster).

    When I decided I wanted to give making games another shot (~4 months ago) I discovered Construct 2. It is great. It is the perfect middle ground between programming and point and click.

    I am a musician and writer by trade, I have a bachelor's in both. I studied jazz guitar and creative writing. I was thinking of making some music for the Scirra Store :O.

  • Noticed there's a badge for introductions, so here is goes. ;)

    I'm a Programmer, Network & Server Administrator, Graphics Designer (2D & 3D), Music composer, Part-time Car Mechanic, and Full-time Jack-of-all-trades (regarding music, see

    Over the past 13 years I've created and worked on 2D and 3D games and tool sets (for HTML and Windows, in Pascal/C/C++/C# and Assembly code). I created my first game called "Wrecker" (with built-in level editor), back in 1997, which was written in Pascal. I had created a few other games for 8 and 16 bit PCs, and the Commodore 64 before then (in assembly), and the Sinclair ZX81 before that! ;) I swear to bring "Wrecker" back to life one day!!!

  • hello world

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  • Hi!

    I'm here to learn some HTML5, I really like the page and the games, maybe I could help you to translate: I speake english, spanish and hungarian.

  • Greetings,

    I found Construct 2 by chance, it looks like a user friendly game creation kit, so I think I'll be spending some time with it.

  • Hi! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello everyone in the forum ,

    I am new to C2 , but I am really amazed after seeing the simplicity and easiness of C2. It is really what I was looking for and since it can export to Android and iOS and also Online, It is like some kind of magic I got in my hands now.

    I am also looking forward to buy one personal license for myself.

    Thanks Scirra :D

  • <img src="" border="0" />

  • Hi all!!!

    My name is Hanah, I'm new to Construct 2 and trying the free version for now. I'm trying to make free games and have zero experience! I hope I can learn from you all :)


  • Hi! I'm Ornjlightning! (as I'm sure you have already discerned with your awesome deductive skills).

    I've always wanted to make games, but besides imagination, never had an outlet for it. My brother is an internet mega dude, and he found stuff like Game Maker and RPG Maker, and this site. I've been slow to get on the wagon, but here I am. I can't imagine the tens of thousands of total hours I have on my PS2. I grew up on SNES, Playstation, n64, and gameboy, and was always particularly interested in Action, fighting, and RPG games. I'm one of those "gaming masochism" types that likes there games to be nigh impossible. Think Ninja Gaiden Black On Master Ninja, Metal Gear Solid on Extreme- No Alerts, etc. I would often die from self nerfing aspects of games that had bad balance or were too easy. That probably only added to the need to make my own games. The "This is so stupid! I would have done it this way." mentality came up a lot.

    Besides gaming, I really like music. Mostly classic rock. Dio, Styx, Rush, Foreigner, etc. I have a taste for other stuff too (Jonh Gorka, Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, more other stuff) but almost entirely older styles. I've been into weapons(think bo staffs and nunchuks types of weapons) and martial arts since I was very young, but have never taken a formal class. I just pick up stuff from movies, the internet, books, and what else, games. A lot of it actually very do-able. Yoshimitsu's Shark Attack for example. Do-able.

    Right now, I'm going to college, and trying to get into Construct classic. I'm pretty addicted to Skyrim too.

  • Hi All,

    New to Construct 2, just bought license.

    The fun starts.

  • Greetings fellow programmers, game enthusiasts, artists, and the like.

    My name is Joe, I'm the CEO and founder of an indie game development company, which is usually taken more or less seriously. Can't show you our work yet, as we are currently trying to get the domain up and running.

    I've been using Construct 2 for the past year, but only recently made an account.

    I enjoy jazz, pastries, biking, glitch hop, and in my spare time I draw silly pictures.

    I look forward to meeting the community!

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