The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My name is Joe.

    Instead of being born with a brain I was born with a pumpkin, which has given me unfathomable powers.

    That is all. Good day.

  • Hello Construct people

    I'm Tom, known online often as Fluke939 (fluke for short) or Obi-Brown. I live in Chesterfield, England

    I've loved games most of my life, my first memory of gaming was a snooker game on the commodore 64, running up and down the stairs to ask my dad which colour ball to pot next.

    I always dreamt of getting into the games industry. So in the last few years with my career going nowhere, earning very little money I decided to do something about following my dream and started teaching myself about games development. I've dabbled in; Unity, Blender, writing, concept art and most recently, Construct 2. I'm become most interested in game design, so the ease with which you can start making games in construct should take away the barrier of learning a whole complex language. Really in just a few days of playing around, I'm amazed at the complexity of what i can create, meaning I will soon be making whole games hopefully.

    My friend got me into construct, he found out about it in a college course on games development, we were going to do the course together but i couldn't afford it. Then since I was all about the design/writing/art side of games and he was learning the programming/modeling side at college, we collaborated for a while, but other commitments meant we had to abandon that for a while, (also our first project was too ambitious and i think he got put off)

    so now here i am, trying to "do it all myself" and happy to have found a piece of software like construct to make it less of a burden.

    For now, i'm happy making little playthings and learning about the software and getting better at making stuff.

    my short term goal is to start making decent games so i can share it with you guys and be more of a part of the community

    longer term goals will be to buy a licence, make quality games, develop a portfolio, and who knows what the future may hold, in my fantasies i make the next minecraft or angry birds. but realistically, i'd just like to be able to get a job in the industry and pay the bills.

  • Hi everyone

    I am a computer science major in my last year at university. I always wanted to create games as a job and thought that I might start developing a few of my own.

    Construct 2 was really appealing to me since it had an excellent and easy to use interface, since I am mainly just concerned with the game design process at this stage I thought this engine would be a great platform to start from since I could get a game up and running fairly quickly.

    Looking forward to learning and possibly even teaching people about contruct!


  • Hey guys/gals!

    Let's make some games!

  • Hey guys/gals!

    Let's make some games!

    Sounds good to me!

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  • hi all,

    trying to create javascript server using node.js and for my thesis project, wish me luck :)

  • Hello I am rambo. Html5 game developer panda studio.

    I like to make games.This is my first gaming development experience.

    So,I am very excited. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for the awesome support on these forums. I'm currently working on my first CS2 game and really enjoy the programming environment. Here is a quick shot of what I'm working on... all in hopes that, eventually, CS2 games will be playable on the OUYA console.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Hi.

    I just found C2 the other day and it looks like I'm finally going to engage in the making of a platform game I've had in mind for years! =)

    I've browsed through *all* the tutorials and read most - I'm really impressed with the commuinty here and hope to be an active part of it.

    I'm a professional java/android and web developer but my game development skills is limited - I do, however, have experience in 2d-physics, collission detection, delta time etc. etc.

    My greatest limit; spare time. Working full time, married with kids etc etc..

  • How do!...long time gamer,hoping to craft some retro magic into the HTML5 pot...using Construct 2's fine ingredients...

  • Hey everyone, can't wait to start making my game idea a reality. I'm a programmer by day, but looking forward to using Construct instead of having to develop a whole framework and engine myself.

  • Hi my name is andy, AKA Zordork. I am working on a graphical adventure, for mobile devices and thought that construct 2 would be a good platform to use

  • <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello eveyone,

    Tapeside here, reading through the forum and felt obligated to at least drop in to introduce myself. Although, you can follow my blog here .

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