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  • is there a reason why sometimes the generated font within Construct is distorted at times? For example, if I export a font at size 72 and scale it down within construct, it looks distorted compared to exporting a size 24 and using it at scale of 1.

    Sometimes, the character widths also seem off. For example, I am trying to use roboto which looks great on googles website for fonts, but in construct the spacing is very different after using this sprite font generator.

    Has this occured to anyone? Any solution ?

  • Scaling any bitmap will distort it. The clearest version will always be at scale=1.

    Are you importing the spacing data correctly? Post a sample CAPX to show the problem.

  • Scaling any bitmap will distort it. The clearest version will always be at scale=1.

    Are you importing the spacing data correctly? Post a sample CAPX to show the problem.

    I can create a CAPX tonight if needed.

    Here is a screencap. You will see the Construct example above and google font below. Notice some of the spacing is not correct. With the google example, spacing is even. With Construct it is not. By using a scale of 1:1, it is better but not good still (some lettering seems off). It makes for some odd looking text due to the spacing. Do I need to increase the padding adjustment? I have the spacing set within construct as per the saved file from the generator.

  • blackhornet GYFMS makes some fonts look bold.For example a Calibri Light font created by GYFMS will end up looking like Calibri bold.

  • C2isthetruth

    Sorry, I'm not seeing that when I try Calibri Light. Light/Regular/Bold all look different. I just call the OS to draw the font. I have no actual control on how it draws.

  • Simply Awesome.

    thank you so much, you really saved my bacon.

  • blackhornet

    Is it possible to add an option for small cap letters, like in photoshop? So it's basically smaller capital letters used as lowercase letters.


  • Hey blackhornet

    I just read you tutorial about migrating SpriteFont+ to Construct3.

    The issue is that I have several games that use spritefont+ and I don't have the originial fonts (neither know the font names) to generate the new JSON format. So there is any way to convert the C2 JSON format to the C3 JSON format directly?

    It would be difficult to implement it on your GYFM?

  • Actually, you (or anyone) could write a simple utility in C2 to generate the string. The format is pretty obvious if you look at the two structures. The one loads directly into the C2 array, and the other can be generated by looping the array and pumping out the formatted string.

  • Ok, I will try. Thanks for the reply.

  • This would be super super awesome if it had colour gradients.

  • It crash when set large amount of utf8 characters (>3500), can you fix it?

  • It sounds like you are running out of memory. That's just too many characters. Even if I could fix it, the file produced would be so large, Construct probably won't accept it, and even if it did, the browser won't. I just had a case the other day where the browser crashed because a file was over the 2400x2400 limit.

    You'll probably have to use WebFonts.

  • Because I use chinese font, for 3500 chinese characters, I can put it in a 1024 x 1024 texture using photoshop,

    but maybe you can add an option to set the output texture size like bmfont. and it would be good that show a warning without crash.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • If you can post the character-set for me, I can have a look.

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