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  • It crash when set large amount of utf8 characters (>3500), can you fix it?

  • It sounds like you are running out of memory. That's just too many characters. Even if I could fix it, the file produced would be so large, Construct probably won't accept it, and even if it did, the browser won't. I just had a case the other day where the browser crashed because a file was over the 2400x2400 limit.

    You'll probably have to use WebFonts.

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  • Because I use chinese font, for 3500 chinese characters, I can put it in a 1024 x 1024 texture using photoshop,

    but maybe you can add an option to set the output texture size like bmfont. and it would be good that show a warning without crash.

    Thank you in advance.

  • If you can post the character-set for me, I can have a look.

  • Thank you !

    The charset is here:


    And for font you can use:


    Now I try to split it in to every 512 character and it work, but I need to combine them and test.

  • Found the issue. Still working on a fix.

  • V3.2 available. It can handle just under 5000 characters now, by default. Then it runs into a Windows limit, as commented on, on the first page.

  • Thank you! It works now.

  • Perfect 10/10, parabems

  • Hi

    I appreciate this is an old thread, but the activity is recent.....

    I am having trouble with using european characters in my sprite fonts.

    I need to use the extended ascii set with these characters;-


    But when i alter the character set in Give me your fonts, i get random text written to the sprite font despite the debugger showing the correct value for the word.

    Can you give any advice, does the character set have to be a certain order or something ?

    (I only need to cover English, French Spanish and Portugese.)

    For example, i could not use this font ;-


    It still gave garbled text.

    Any suggestions appreciated.



  • jezjones24

    I just tried, and it works fine. I'm guessing you didn't follow all of the steps. You need to check the TXT file that is written at the same time, and copy the width, height, and character set into C2. There is a tutorial here, written by somebody else.


  • Thanks for the reply.

    I have used sprite fonts quite alot. The problem seems to be due to the extra characters.

    Previously I have used the default character set in "Give me your font" and it has been totally fine (EN).

    I have reverted to another sprite font with english characters only and it works fine (for english).

    It seems that i get a large space to the right of the accented characters i added to character set.

    Is there anything relating to these extra characters that may be causing a problem. Are there any rules i need to follow in defining the character set, eg order ?

  • As I said, I tried that font and it is fine. You'll need to post something I can look at. Bundle the three output files and if you have a demo project, that too.

  • Ok, thanks.

    I am just trying to create a demo of the problem in a fresh project.

    A basic example does work, so i am now looking into my project since the words are created based on events so there could be problems in the way i am instantiating the sprite font.

    You got it working so it must be a problem elsewhere, that does help me quite alot.

    Thanks again.

  • I've still been using this after all these years and I love it! I feel like I've asked this already but the anti-aliasing option from v1 isnt available in v2 or v3 so it makes it quite difficult to have pixelated fonts, especially if they're small.. even in v1 it kinda works, but for some reason it forces the font to be bold if its too small.

    For example, this font by Eeve Somepx:


    and try setting it to 12px. After exporting it, in v1 it looks bolder than usualy, and in v2 and v3 it forces the antialising..

    Is there any workaround to this? Thanks again for this program!

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