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  • OhhBaby

    It looks like an extra carriage-return got in there. Just backspace so it one single line.

  • OhhBaby

    It looks like an extra carriage-return got in there. Just backspace so it one single line.

    Nope it is already 1 line. You can see that.

    Special chars breaking.





  • Try a different text editor. I really have no idea what is wrong.

  • It doesn't a text editor issue. Problem is Spritefont+ using this format (C2array). And this format breaking load data.js in IOS with WKWebview.


    This format works fine. (C3 using this format)


    I want talk with plugin developer but he is offline since 5 years.

    Can't we do somethink for fix this?

  • Sorry, I can't help with SpriteFont+. It isn't necessary. I've documented the manual workaround in the original post.

  • blackhornet


    Why this different? I used every think same.

  • You haven't set the spacing data. It's different in C3.

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  • blackhornet

    I used for C3

    [[7," "],[6,"'"],[8,"Iil!|"],[9,"j1.,;:-`"],[10,"\"()[]"],[11,"Jft\\°"],[12,"rz?*"],[13,"acdehqsvxy57/=<>"],[14,"Lbgknopu023689~+€"],[15,"CEFXZ4_#$"],[16,"ABDGHKNPQRSTUVY£"],[17,"Ow"],[18,"%"],[19,"MWm@"],[20,"&"]]

    for C2

    {""c2array"":true,""size"":[2,15,1],""data"":[[[7],[6],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15],[16],[17],[18],[19],[20]],[["" ""],[""'""],[""Iil!|""],[""j1.,;:-`""],[""\""()[]""],[""Jft\\°""],[""rz?*""],[""acdehqsvxy57/=<>""],[""Lbgknopu023689~+€""],[""CEFXZ4_#$""],[""ABDGHKNPQRSTUVY£""],[""Ow""],[""%""],[""MWm@""],[""&""]]]}

    for Character Spacing : -1

  • Odd... It has something to do with pasting the data - there should be an extra backslash in section 11. If you look at the data here, and look in C3, you have 2-backslashes here, but only one gets pasted. Just add it back in C3, and it works.

  • Great tool,

    Is there any option to disable anti aliasing / smoothing for low resolution spritefont?

    I want to make retro style game with a retro spritefont, but generated spritefont are just blurring (small size).

  • redfoc

    You have to use version 2.7. Just scroll down a bit to find that version.

  • Thanks

  • Wow !!!

    What a usefull plugin !!!

  • Hi blackhornet

    How are you?

    I am using the Sprite Font Generator (last version) to create a sprite font to use in C3. After I generated it I copy/paste the information in the script created specifically to C3 sprite font (spacing data field) but the space around the characters is not changing and I don't know why.

    For example: I created a sprite font and I pasted this script into the spacing data field;


    [6," "],[3,",'"],[4,".|`´"],[5,";:"],[6,"\""],[5,"I()\\"],[6,"clt?!~"],[7,"er1-"],[8,"josvz[]"],[9,"bfgpquxy89"],[10,"Sahk34567/"],[11,"CEGn"],[12,"BHJKPd02"],[13,"ADFIOQRT"],[14,"LNXw"],[15,"V"],[16,"UYZm_"],[18,"M"],[22,"W"]]

    Nothing happened. I changed these values several times and even remove totally this script from the field and everything remains the same.

    If I change the "character spacing" value, it reduces the space around the characters but although this solves the problem of the most characters, others practically merge with the others.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Someone else had this issue. Somehow during the copy and paste an escape backslash is lost for the backslash character! If you bring up the actual dialog for the spacing data, you'll see the [5,"I()\"] section is missing a backslash. Just type it back in and it all works: [5,"I()\\"]

    It's not clear to who's at fault here - C3, the browser, copy/paste, the text editor used to open the file. It's definitely odd.

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