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  • Ok, so i found the problem.

    For some reason the character set field in C3 was not keeping the new character set i pasted in there.

    When i deleted the field first (and pressed return) then pasted and return, it took the character set and started working.

    Thanks for your help.

  • andreyin

    Everything I try fails. No fix yet.

  • blackhornet that's alright, in any case thank you so much for this!!

  • blackhornet

    Can you look that?

    C3 spacing array works fine but C2 array have some problems. You can see after ' everything white color.

    How can we fix that?

    If I use SpriteFont+ with WKWebview. It is give me error in IOS. data.js can't load.

    But C3 (C2runtime) don't have any problems, works fine with WKWebview


  • OhhBaby

    It looks like an extra carriage-return got in there. Just backspace so it one single line.

  • OhhBaby

    It looks like an extra carriage-return got in there. Just backspace so it one single line.

    Nope it is already 1 line. You can see that.

    Special chars breaking.





  • Try a different text editor. I really have no idea what is wrong.

  • It doesn't a text editor issue. Problem is Spritefont+ using this format (C2array). And this format breaking load data.js in IOS with WKWebview.


    This format works fine. (C3 using this format)


    I want talk with plugin developer but he is offline since 5 years.

    Can't we do somethink for fix this?

  • Sorry, I can't help with SpriteFont+. It isn't necessary. I've documented the manual workaround in the original post.

  • blackhornet


    Why this different? I used every think same.

  • You haven't set the spacing data. It's different in C3.

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  • blackhornet

    I used for C3

    [[7," "],[6,"'"],[8,"Iil!|"],[9,"j1.,;:-`"],[10,"\"()[]"],[11,"Jft\\°"],[12,"rz?*"],[13,"acdehqsvxy57/=<>"],[14,"Lbgknopu023689~+€"],[15,"CEFXZ4_#$"],[16,"ABDGHKNPQRSTUVY£"],[17,"Ow"],[18,"%"],[19,"MWm@"],[20,"&"]]

    for C2

    {""c2array"":true,""size"":[2,15,1],""data"":[[[7],[6],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15],[16],[17],[18],[19],[20]],[["" ""],[""'""],[""Iil!|""],[""j1.,;:-`""],[""\""()[]""],[""Jft\\°""],[""rz?*""],[""acdehqsvxy57/=<>""],[""Lbgknopu023689~+€""],[""CEFXZ4_#$""],[""ABDGHKNPQRSTUVY£""],[""Ow""],[""%""],[""MWm@""],[""&""]]]}

    for Character Spacing : -1

  • Odd... It has something to do with pasting the data - there should be an extra backslash in section 11. If you look at the data here, and look in C3, you have 2-backslashes here, but only one gets pasted. Just add it back in C3, and it works.

  • Great tool,

    Is there any option to disable anti aliasing / smoothing for low resolution spritefont?

    I want to make retro style game with a retro spritefont, but generated spritefont are just blurring (small size).

  • redfoc

    You have to use version 2.7. Just scroll down a bit to find that version.

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