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  • This is a Sprite Font generator for the official C2/3 Sprite Font plugin.

    Requires .NET 4.0 be installed. Available through Windows Update. or .NET 4.0

    CAPX sample of how to use the exported JSON data to configure the character widths via Array.Load JSON action (Construct 2 only)



    V3.2 - Fixed leak of GDI objects. There is still an upper limit defined by Window's GDIProcessHandleQuota, which defaults to 10000. Each character consumes two of these handles, so there will be problems for character sets around 5000 characters.



    V3.1 - Now supports the correct width for the SPACE character. After all this time, I didn't realize that, a) C2/3 actually can take the SPACE character as part of the width definition, and b) I could actually get the SPACE width from Windows (it's returned in a different field from every other character). The SPACE width data is always reported as the first element, for C2 and C3, in case you want to adjust it, since my sample CAPX has always managed the SPACE character manually, and was always just a guess.


    V3.0 - Now supports Construct3's new 'Spacing data' format! I also made a few changes to the 'Parameters'. After several iterations, I ended up with four fields for altering widths and shifts, but if you think about it, what it really is doing is adding extra transparent border pixels around the letter. I've reworded the fields and default all to 1, which provides the safest values for avoiding image artifacts, similar to how C2/3 adds a border when it generates it's internal spritesheets. If you know you can optimize them out, you can always set them back to 0.


    V2.7 - Fixed issue with very long Letterset text sizing off of the screen, making the Refresh, etc. buttons disappear.



    V2.6 - Added Vertical Shift


    V2.5 - Force TXT file to use UTF8 encoding. Characters can be altered if left at Default setting.


    V2.4 - Fix Sample Text being defaulted when Font dialog entered. Remove duplicate characters and space-character from Letterset.


    V2.3 - Fix Letterset being defaulted when Font dialog entered. Reverted back to .NET 4.0, so it still runs on XP.

    Requires .NET 4.5 be installed. Available through Windows Update. or .NET 4.5


    V2.2 - Fixed crash when reading a bad font.

    GiveYourFontsMono(spacing) v2.2


    V2.1 - Font dialog cleaned up and fixed bug in Shadow - wasn't including outlines in shadow generation. Fixed crash when Sample text has none of the letters in the Letterset.

    GiveYourFontsMono(spacing) v2.1


    V2.0 - Initial offering with outline-fonts. The GUI is still rough, but the basic functionality works. Not compatible with v1 (XML) files.

    GiveYourFontsMono(spacing) v2.0


    Requires .NET 4.0 be installed. Available through Windows Update. or .NET 4


    V1.12 - Fixed anti-aliasing bug (was patch 1.11.5). Fixed instructions getting cut off.



    V1.11 - Sample text area height was too short. Added % character to default character set.


    V1.10 - Save & Load support! Improved power-of-2 calculation. More details in the TXT file. Graphic fixes for both bitmap images, including scrolling. Sample updated to remove Browser reference to make copy/paste easier.


    V1.9 - fixed 'Reset to defaults' button positioning problem. Added an additional anti-aliasing option, better than the original. Altered minimum sizing to work with 'Ease of access' on Vista.


    V1.8 - GUI persistence and JSON export.

    JSON sample: {""c2array"":true,""size"":[2,21,1],""data"":[[[7],[8],[9],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15],[17],[18],[19],[20],[21],[22],[23],[24],[25],[26],[27],[33],[35]],[[""|""],[""Iil.,;:!'""],[""`""],[""j[]""],[""()""],[""rt-\\?""],[""f1\""/""],[""*""],[""J""],[""hknsu""],[""Labcdgpqvyz""],[""eox02356789?+=$?<>""],[""F4~?""],[""BET_#""],[""HNPSUZ&""],[""DKR""],[""CX""],[""AGVY""],[""MOQmw""],[""@""],[""W""]]]}


    V1.7 - More tweeks to width calculations. Added text display simulation. Horizontal shifting added back in. Fixed crash related to justification. Added boundary display option.


    V1.6 - Fixed anti-aliasing - broken in 1.3.


    V1.5 - 1.4 still shows as 1.3. No other change in this version but the number (1.5).


    V1.4 - Adjusted the spacing a bit. Scaling of the font was picking up some clutter from the next character.


    V1.3 - Added support for combining-characters, used in non-English languages, and math fonts.


    V1.2 - Now auto-calculates dimensions, optimizes for power-of-two, saves text file with the list of character width values that can be added to C2 via the "Set character width" action. Still need to do some cleanup as this was a big change from the manual mechanism. Also I'd like to find a better mechanism for getting the widths into C2.


    V1.1 - Added Left justification option, extra horizontal shifting, and defaults to C2s character set.

    C2's SpriteFont plugin uses Left justification, not Center justification.


  • Wow, you are fabulous! Thanks so much for making this better. :D

  • blackhornet

    Great tool, Thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • any screencaps?

  • What do you want to see - just the interface?

  • *nods

  • Updated first post.

  • blackhornet, these are really great additions to the generator, thank you.

    <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • any plans to auto-calculate the spacing needed? (for non-monospaced fonts)

    to just copy-paste that in the events :)

  • I sometimes use a combo of ShoeBox and sweat to do fonts. all help in this department is appreciated!

  • Thank you Blackhornet. Big help.

  • can't run


  • Have you installed .NET 4 from Microsoft?

  • Figures, beat to the punch. I am 70% done with a Web-font to SpriteFont converter, written in Construct2.

    However mine does allow for adjusting widths of each character, putting the results in a text box you can copy to the proper events.

    Should I keep working on it?

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/85412219/forumposts/SpritefontEdit.PNG" border="0" />

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  • Give me a couple of days to see how far I get. My next step was to auto-calculate placement/sizing-values. I've been reluctant to jump on this as there seems to various threads on how the plugin should be using some of the 'standards' out there for spritefonts, which would make my tool irrelevant.

    Edit: Actually I've already got it auto-positioning and sizing. Just need to build the character-width strings/values.

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