Sprite Font Generator - v3

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Minimal Sprite Font with Stroke for Pixel Art games.
  • Paradox Do you mean increasing the opacity? Because anti-aliasing creates more pixels than aliased fonts, so the result would look like a solid shadow, or at least if I'm thinking correctly.

    And actually, using v2 I added the aliased font over the exported anti-aliased font, and created quite a professional-looking pixelated spritefont. :3

  • In Photoshop if you convert to grayscale mode, them convert to Bitmap, it will let you set the threshold at what light shades turn white and what dark shades turn black. It defaults to 50%.

  • I'm having trouble trying to set the spacing for the Double Quotes: "

    Basically because the JSON exported doesn't contain it, and I can't set it separately (if I try to go """ I get an error)... How do I do that?

  • It's in there. The problem is you have to escape the double-quotes with another double-quotes! You need """" (four double-quotes) to make it work.

  • Amigos! Preciso de ajuda no Spritefont. Adquiri uma Licença do Construct2 e gostaria deste apoio.


  • Learning this now. Thank you!

  • blackhornet This is SO awesome.. thank you - thank you - thank you!

    if my game is ever released I will be sure to give you credit!

  • blackhornet, GYFM2 is awesome, but I'm having a problem with the character set it produces in the text file - some of the digits appear to be incorrect. I've not had this problem before on my previous computer (I'm using a relatively new computer) and the error happens on normal system fonts (like Arial and Time New Roman) as well as custom fonts from the web. I've attached an example of the Arial font .png.

    Here are links to the text and png files:

    text file

    png file

    Character set: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789.,;:?!-_~#"'&()[]|`\/@°+=*$£€<>%[/code:25iuk1z8]
    As you can see, the following characters are included at the end of the character set text but don't appear in the png:     [code:25iuk1z8]€[/code:25iuk1z8]        
    Also, the "€" is missing....  
    Any advice on what's going wrong would be very much appreciated.
  • Colludium

    I've posted an update. See if that helps.

  • deleted - I was mistaken....

  • blackhornet, please ignore my last post. I am still having problems with the exported character set (I'm using W8.1 x64). When editing the font in GYFM2 the top window shows the correct character set. However, the exported character string is still wrong. I suspect that there could be a setting on my laptop that might rectify this, so I'll keep investigating and will let you know. For now I can just copy-paste what's shown in the window. Bill Gates' software strikes again....

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  • Send me the log file. Maybe there's something useful in there.

  • , you are god and thank you!

  • Paradox thanks you got me to where I needed with photoshop!

  • Thanks, blackhornet!

    Will use it with GIMP.

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