Sprite Font Generator - v3

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Minimal Sprite Font with Stroke for Pixel Art games.
  • V2.1 - some fixes and cleanup.

  • I wore the phostoshop, and sometimes Bitmap Font Builder..

    but certainly this software looks much better.

  • Just wondering where the anti-aliasing option has gone? It seems to still be there in the older versions but not the newer ones?

  • Anti-aliasing is a rather convoluted thing on Windows. It?s actually implemented based on the screen you are using, and your system settings, so really doesn't apply once you've captured the bits, and depends on your own settings (the person creating the font). After spending a week trying to understand anti-aliasing on the new framework (WPF) I just gave up as I could not get consistent results. (There?s also contention about it having a bug regarding anti-aliasing). It doesn't actually translate anyway as outline fonts aren't fonts anymore, but fonts converted to geometry, which is then converted to a bitmap, so (font) anti-aliasing essentially doesn't apply. I've implemented everything with maximum smoothness, so unless someone really wants aliased fonts, I don?t plan to do any more work on this (unless someone can point out an obvious flaw in this implementation). You can always use the older version if it?s more appropriate to do so.

  • blackhornet: this program is awesome! Unfortunately for me, the latest versions (v2.0 and v2.1) crash as soon as I click on the font button (W7 ultimate x64 with either .NET 4.5 or .NET 4.5.1). I get the usual windows error popup - sorry I can't be more specific.

  • Colludium

    I've added some exception handling and logging. Try this version and PM me the GYFM2.log file.


  • blackhornet - a public thank you for helping me fix my computer's fault that was stopping this from working for me!

  • oh god yes. Thanks.

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  • blackhornet, I know this program is around for a lot of time but I only recently had the chance to use it; man, I want to thank you very, very much! I can't fully comprehend but rather smell pieces of the code behind the program and I am impressed and thankful. You are awesome.

  • Fantastic software! I was about to make sprite font, but I took a break to read the forum and found this - perfect timing.

  • This was an amazing help, thank you!

  • How do you all deal with the spacing differences on fonts, between capital and lowercase.

    When I load in C2, I see this a lot:

    Thi s i s a Te s t

    Certain letters push the width out a lot, and lower case letter begin to look off. Adjusting the char spacing makes it worse because then some letters look perfectly spaced, but other are bunched up.

    Is the only solution to start with a monospaced font to begin with?

  • Are you implementing the full solution with the image file and the code to set up the various sizes? My sample file shows how to do this.

  • blackhornet

    This program is AMAZING! I've been struggling with fonts for a long while, thanks for making this.


    On the first post there's an example, you have to set an array to load each character and set the character spacing accordingly. The example makes it so much easier.

  • This is really a great help! Thanks!

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