CrowdGaming - your smartphone is your controller

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  • Hi,

    I've completed the first beta release of a CrowdGaming concept! So what is crowd gaming?! Simply put it's people playing together using their smart phone as the controller, over a local wireless network! The cool thing is that you build the controller in construct 2 and you build the game in construct 2 as well!

    But there must surely be some complex woodo stuff connecting the two?

    Well... there is a nodejs game server that let's the controller talk to the game. The nice thing is that you only have to start it and stop it, the coding has already been taken care of.


    You can change the look and feel of the controller and even extend it to send different actions.


    There is an event sheet called engine that does all the heavy lifting with interpreting the actions sent by the controller. To build your own game simply create a new layout and add an event sheet that includes the engine event sheet. An example game is included that shows how to do this.


    What could this be used for? Connect the computer running the MainGame to a big screen or projector, build a game where people get a random instrument when they connect with their smart phone, now loads of people could make awful music together, and have loads of fun! Build a dynamic backdrop for a concert where people can influence the graphics shown or vote for the encore. Office events, to promote products in public, let your imagination run wild

    A beta release will be out on the Scirra store when we have finished the test period, but we would love to hear some feedback about the project: is this a good idea? Is it the best idea ever? Which features would you like to see?


    This can be setup to work on Linux, Mac or windows. But it's easiest on windows because you don't have to export to html5 to test the game.

  • this is awesome! I will try and set this up later tonight!

  • Version 2 of the CrowdGaming beta was just released! There is still open slots in the beta program, leave a response here if you want to join and I'll contact you and send you a link to the files.

  • Oh I didn't get to looking into this more but didn't realize you needed to send something. I would love whatever you got to send, got most of the weekend to screw around with it. Thanks!

  • Awesome concept..another step to console type gaming

  • This is really a gr8 concept ......

    Keep us updated ......

    Would like to get a chance to try it someday !!!

  • I'm beta-testing... this is very cool!

    I am able to run a local multiplayer in my home without internet lag. Users in my home with a smart phone or tablet need only connect to my home WiFi hot spot. Entering the game on their phone browsers they are quickly controlling game movement on their phones. (no charge for off-line phones!)

    No chat required... your fellow game players are in the same room!

    I could easily take it anywhere for a demo with user interaction... no internet required.

  • After a bit of work with it today, this is a great tool! Since I already had NodeJS installed from the other day of messing with Node, it was super easy to set up. Just a quick note, might want to put a note on your Youtube video for setting it up because it looks like you have made some changes since the video for the URL part and at first I was like huh?

    But after getting it going and messing with it, works great with as minimal amount of delay I think you can get it to. This definitely has some great possibilities for developers! I like that the JS server file seems to do the bare minimum so there isn't any changing the JS for anything.

    Keep up the great work! I will post anything I come up with here if I can get something interesting going.

    Thanks again!

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  • rocky53204 thank you testing and for your feedback, and please keep the feedback coming

    Yes there was a big change, based on the feedback from rocky, I've switched it to a single capx-file. The first client that connects becomes the main game and the following clients to connect are all controllers. I will make a new video and replace the old one.

  • hello I would like to test this with some of my ideas, and report back

  • Hi OneMuppet, I would also love to test, provide some feedback.

  • I'd love to give this a go too please!

  • OneMuppet, have sent you an email as I can't pm (7 points short lol).

  • Hi,

    I worked in videogame industry for few years now (as Creative Director and Game Designer).

    A project using this concept was developped few years ago, using AS3, Orbit and Minko 3D engine.

    (you can still test it on

    I'm still surprised that so few company developped project like this!

    I think this is the futur! Most people have smartphone today, most of them have a computer, and now Connected TV is the new standard. So if we can create great game people can easily play with friends, using their mobile... Waow!

    No more need to have a console or gamer computer ! A simple web browser and a mobile, and let's go !

    So beside my job, I started to work on a game design based on this new way to play. Actually it's based on differents boardgames and Roleplay game (like "Earth Reborn" which is sooooo coool, but sooooo long to play in real life !!!).

    I really think that this kind of game should be the best project to prototype :

    • First, you don't need realtime interactions (like in a plateformer or a FPS), cause you are very dependant to your internet and wifi connexion, device quality and possibility, number of players...
    • Second, this kind of game offer a real interest in using multiple screens! I mean create a SNES controller on a mobile is really not creative! You have to look beyond traditionnal video game !

    Imagine each player having on his mobile or tablet his character Sheet, inventory, secret information, he can program many actions, interact with the game just by finger draging an objet from his mobile toward the screen, etc...) Be creative !

    • Third : these games don't need 3D Engine with highpoly 3D environment running at 60 fps !

    2D Artwork and smooth animation is great enough ! And 2D games can run on most browsers !

    So your game can be played by more people !

    Well... I'm still working on my GDD but I allready have most of the core gameplay design, game mecanisms, UI drafts, etc... For the last few weeks I was looking for differents technical solutions to prototype it, like using WebRTC or Orbit to link the game and the differents device... (I also like in the simple idea of using a QRCode to add a new player! Fast and easy!)

    So, I would be VERY VERY interesting in testing your solution !!!! Hope you can add me to your tester list !


  • Amadeus

    I'm really glad to hear, I agree with you that this kind of concept opens a lot of possibilities, and turn based games are definitely one of them! I'm in the middle of some modification of the CrowdGaming server and also some tweaks and updates to the capx-file. It should be finished on pretty soon (some time between today and friday). I could give you access to the 2.1 beta pack, but I think it's better if you wait for the next release. I'll send you the link when it's ready.

    Can you PM me your email address I don't think I got it in the last PM?

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