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  • Khelben Hi and thanks for the feedback! Sure you could build logic so that the person with the X360 controller always controlled a default character and the rest of the characters are controlled by the mobile phones joining. The x360 controller would have better response time and better persision in his controller so it would be some what unfair I guess. But you didn't give away any details so maybe you have thought of this already?

  • We had a little game jam at work and my team decided to leverage the Crowdgaming plugin for this game.

    We created a cat vs mouse game where one player plays as the cat, and everyone else joins as the mouse to try and get the cheese and not die.

    2 people -> 20 hours -> Theme: Deadly Cute


  • Hi, thanks for the answer. Yup I tought about it and I have something in mind. I am currently developing a party game and your plugin, with some modifications, could be a really really cool feature. This could put a new light on both our work. What do you think ?

    I can't send u private message (rep problem), could you pm me your mail so we can discuss further ?

  • Khelben my email is borgenvik[dot]david[at]gmail[dot]com

    justifun just awesome!! Watching your game is a great boost!! Great work!!

    I just started a new job about two weeks ago as responsible for the development teams at e-man connect, so if I haven't been responding email as quickly as normally, it's just because I'm spending a lot of time getting into the new stuff. I will try to make a todo-list for the CrowdGaming plugin up until the first public release. So that it will be a bit easier to prioritize. So keep building cools stuff so that I get enough energy boosts to write the todo-list and write some code

  • Cat game is awesome!

    Wishing you best of luck with the new job!

  • oh this is so awesome ... you basically made the controller digital ... cross-platform.. no more getting stuck to buy a xbox controller that wont work on PlayStation.. however... u need ur game to be view-able on a xbox or PlayStation browser that supports ur game ... which i think is already doable right? and also takes the problem where i want to play the game using a controller but i dont have a controller for my desktop... thats also awesome ur a genius dude... sell this design to EA and ul be millionaire ... im serious XD unless this is already on market XD

  • im wondering if i can get acces to the plugin, im looking to implement exactly something like this for one of my games.

  • I do have one question regarding this, How come you are not simply using the builtin multiplayer object eliminating the need for an external server all together?

  • Hi kentbakk it's due to webRTC not being supported on iOS browsers and to be fair you would need a signalingServer even when using the multiplayer plugin, though you can "borrow" Ashley and Toms while developing. If not for lack of webRTC on iOS I would have used the MP-plugin.

  • What is the best way to detect that a mobile device has left the session?

    If I put my android phone to sleep (the controller), the master (main game) doesn't seem

    to detect a dis-connect.

    Any tips, greatly appreciated.

    crowdgaming plugin = awesome!


  • there is a heartbeat function, that you can use. Let me see if I can dig up the project. My new job has kept me busy so I haven't had much time of Crowd Gaming lately. I'm thinking that it's probably best to turn this into an open source project so that anyone can keep building on it. I appreciate you taking the time to write to bring my attention back to the project it's always so much easier to motivate spending time on something if you know that people use it

    In the controller:

    In the main game:

    So the controller send a heartbeat every 10s. The main game receives the heartbeat and updates a property on the gamer.

    You can then make a check to see if, the lastHeartbeat is less than wallclocktime - 14s (for example) if true, then delete the gamer.

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  • Thx. Will try that out. Cheers!


  • While I regret your withdrawal from the project I think you deserve grateful thanks for initiating it.

    Warm regards to you and yours... Enjoy the Holidays and I wish you great success with your new job!

    If you decide to open source I will continue work in this area.

  • hope you don't withdraw.

    It Is a great plugin, easy to use and to understand, it's exactly how construct2 should do the multiplayer function (the official MP from scirra actually gives me a headache just trying to start it.)

    Here is a sneakpreview about the game im doing.

  • I made a game with this awesome plugin for the Global Game Jam. Check it out:

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