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  • kingpirux Ví tu perfil y me di cuenta que somos compatriotas, ja! Impresionante tu trabajo, felicitaciones!!

    jajaj muchas gracias :D lo mejor sería seguirlo en otro post o agregame al facebook (emmanuel rubio) y te cuento

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    - The Scirra Multiplayer plugin can be used to create this kind of behaviour. Just have 2 apps (or layouts) the difference in a normal multiplayer is that the player don't recive information about the game elements, just the status (is playing-not playing)

    - The air console plugin is powerfull if you want to sell your game in air console, there is a template somewhere that helps you to create the joystick.

    - The server (signalling server) is the hosting for the multiplayer ip directions pointer. Something like

    Player: "where in hell is the other player?"

    Signalling: "right there ->"

    So if you want to make a local multiplayer you are going to need internet to make it work. But if you want it fully local without internet, you need to create a signalling server (to do it with scirra's plugin, you must buy it in the scyrra store) and turn it on in a Node.JS compatible OS in the same network and point the players to the IP of that computer.

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  • kingpirux Thank you so much for your answer, I´ll keep it in mind. At least now I know what to look for when trying to imagine this kind of projects. Thanks!

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