Kiira will help! :D

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  • Hello, I am Chad William Wolfe, founder of the indie game designing team known as Kiira.

       I originally came here so that people could help me out, but I also thought it in best interest for me to help you all out as well. I am an exceptional graphical artist, I can make both 3D models and sprites, I can make music, all using synths and other things for any kind of game, and I can also make cool sound effects that sound good together and arent annoying to hear. If you'd like, I could even show you how to use the event sheet in a useful manner or I can just give you example projects to help you out. Kiira is here to help everyone with designing video games, and every resource we use in our games are distributed completely free of charge.

       If you'd like to check our tools on our website it is! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

       Thank you for your time!

    P.S. In order to get what you want, just request it and be a little specific with the kind of game it is and what exactly you'd like me to make.

  • Wow thank you for your kind offer. I'm going to just need some time to decide exactly what I want...

  • can u make me some 2d cartoon style zombie sprites with walk eat and die ,run animations?

  • Yepp, I'll start working on them right now. :) what kind of game will it be for? Platformer? or more like an Age of Zombies kinda thing?

  • Also what size would you like them to be? Would it be small like 32 by 24? or big like 128 by 96? I could make either one, but the smaller it is the faster it could be made.

  • 32 by 24 please

  • a age of zombies thing

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  • Alright :) I'll start working on that now. I can post it on here if you'd like, but if not just tell me how you'd like to receive them.

  • how will u send me it?

  • on mediafire or on here I don't mind and thanks dude

  • Well, I'm not exactly sure if I could send a picture through a private message on here because I can't send private messages. You mind if other people have the sprites as well?

    And it's no problem, I mean, I like helping people out. Especially with this stuff because people need good graphics xD

  • I don't mind

  • thanks

  • can u upload pics yet?

  • danielshunter I just realized that you can't upload images to this website so I'm uploading the sprite sheet to Mediafire. The internet over here is slow right now, so I'll need a few moments. I'll get it to you as soon as possible, but it is complete now.

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